As part of the event to mark this year’s 2021 World Literacy Day, the Osogbo Living Spring LEO Club was at the Union Baptist Primary School, Olaiya(Govt. Owned Primary School) in Osogbo to felicitate, educate and distribute  Free Exercise Books to over 200 pupils of the school.

Addressing the pupils in the presence of the teachers, the President of the Association, LEO Olagunju  Omolara reminded the pupils of the purpose they were in the school.

‘’Your coming to school  is to learn and be educated  in order   to  be useful to yourself, family(parents) and your society  in future.’’

You should, therefore, face your studies very well because it is by being well educated that you can become an important person in the future., Omolara added.

The Headmaster of the Union Baptist Primary School. Olaiya, Mrs. Akinpelu E.O.  appreciated the LEO Club and the co-organizers of the event for their good gesture to the school and the pupils. She requested that two of her pupils –a boy and a girl should respond to the love shown to them on behalf of the pupils and for the visit and the free  Exercise books distributed to them.

The pupils spoke confidently and thanked the LEO Club and its team for the free gift of exercise books to them and promised that they would make good use of them.

The HM, Mrs. Akinpelu added that the school will also contribute its quota to entrench literacy among the pupils by having Talks with them on the spirit of hard work,  a  prelude to becoming great in the future.

Some of the pupils were called out among the lot to read a portion of what was printed at the back of the distributed exercise books. Those who read perfectly were applauded and rewarded, all in a bid to encourage a reading culture as one of the ingredients of being literate.

Responding to The Interviews Nigeria’s Question as to what motivated the LEO Club to do this laudable gesture, Omolara, the President of the LEO Club said,’’ in line with our club’s pledge —‘’ to help those in need….’’, we are doing this to assist the vulnerable ones. ‘’Some of these pupils could not even afford an exercise book to write their classwork in the classrooms’’. ‘’We are also doing this to complement the efforts of the State government educational policy to make education accessible and comfortable to every child in the  State. Also, ‘’ as part of our corporate social responsibility, we shall continue in this gesture in line with the ethos of LEO’s Club, she said.

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