A mad man with tattered dress walked into a bank and handed his cheque to the Teller and said,” I would like to withdraw N5,000.00″.



The male Teller told the madman,”For withdrawals less than N10.000,please use the ATM



The madman then asked , “why?” The Teller irritably told the mad man,”These are rules. Please leave if there is no other matter.There is a queue behind you”; the Teller then returned the cheque to the madman.




The madman remained silent.But he returned the cheque to the Teller and said,”Please, help me withdraw all the money I have”.



The Teller was flabbergasted when he checked the account balance of the madman through the system.He nodded his head, bowed and said to the madman:




“My apologies Sir, you have N3.5billion in your account and our bank does not  have so much cash currently. Could you please make an appointment and come again tomorrow?”




The madman then asked, “How much Am I able to withdraw now?





The Teller told him,”Any amount up to N300,000”.




The madman then told  the Teller that he wanted to withdraw N300,000.00 from his account. The Teller obliged him quickly and handed it to the madman respectfully.





The madman kept N5,000 in his bag and asked the Teller to deposit  the balance back into his account.




The Teller was dumbfounded.




Rules are inflexible but we human can be flexible when the situation required us to be.




We should not treat people  based on their look or how they are dressed




Rather, we should treat everyone with respect and never be too quick to judge a book by its cover.




Everybody is important.Stay low and don’t overrate yourself.



I hope you’ve taken in something to chew from this stable. Life is fragile. We can learn even from a fool.

Remember Socrates, that great Philosopher with his principle of Dialectic? Take a cue.


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