Everybody is elated when he or she secures a lucrative job. There is usually a sense of fulfillment and joy in the pride of achievement. The next thing is to be looking ahead to further achievements. However, if care is not taken, the euphoria of a good job might becloud ones reasoning and eventually culminated to a job loss if caution is not applied. Here are some of the things we need to guide against for us to remain effective, efficient and relevant on the job:

  1. Be punctual at work
  2. Avoid eye service
  3. Don’t argue with your Boss even when you are right- use wisdom to put in your points and be polite in doing this
  4. Obey or follow instructions
  5. Stick to the schedules and don’t break company policies
  6. Give sincere and quality service
  7. Get along with others
  8. Be cheerful and helpful
  9. Don’t look for shortcuts
  10. Don’t take offence when you are criticized constructively but use it as a springboard for improvement
  11. Minimize your complaints and don’t be lazy
  12. Drop your problem at home –don’t wear it to the office
  13. Take pride in your job
  14. Don’t envy those ahead of you
  15. Don’t demand reward for every service rendered.
  16. Train your subordinates
  17. Share your experience with others
  18. Take responsibility for all your actions
  19. Give official documentation a top priority
  20. Be honest and maintain your integrity.

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