Your career is very important to you as it is to other people. Nobody wishes to be changing position or career randomly like a chameleon. But the truth is that as times go on, one thing or the other may lead to you reconsidering your stand in a job or career and unless you take a decisive decision, staying in that job may no longer give you self fulfillment which may subsequently leads to frustration or a bleak. Below are early signs or signals that you are stuck in a stagnant career and needs to move on:

  1.      When every single day looks like a Monday
  2.      You are getting abused
  3.      Your skills and contributions are no longer important
  4.      No increase in salary, welfare not improved and there is no role change
  5.      You are bored on the job or at work
  6.      You have lost touch with your family and friends.


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