What is POETRY?

Poetry is literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen for it. It’s a form of literature that uses aesthetic and often rhymic qualities of language.




Poetry is thought-provoking and therefore a literary composition, written by a poet  and it usually  conveys a thought, and describes  a scene or tells a story in a concentrated lyrical arrangement of words.




World Poetry Day )WPD) was first celebrated in 1996. The Academy of American Poets organized the holiday to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States.




However, some countries of the world also celebrate World Poetry Day on October 15  to mark the birthday of VIRGIL, a Roman Poet who is famous for his Epic Aeneid.






World Poetry Day is held on the 21st of March. It celebrates one of humanity’s most treasured forms of cultural and linguistic expression of identity.

World Poetry Day(WPD) was declared by UNESCO in 1999 with the aim  of supporting linguistic diversity through  poetic expression and increasing  the opportunity  for endangered languages  to be heard.




WPD  is remembered every year on March 21st to honour Poets, revive oral traditions of poetry recitals, promote the reading, writing, and teaching of poetry, and Forster the convergence between poetry and other arts such as theatre, dance music, and painting and raise the visibility of poetry in the media.







Poetry is a form of language that is understood by all, even if one doesn’t speak the language.



Many famous poets are known to teach people the way to see the world around them. It is an art form that inspires an individual to change his perception about life. What one might not understand from a simple sentence, poetry allows you to do that.






Schools and colleges all over the world, organizations, publishers, and poets celebrate March 21 every year.




Another significance of the WPD  celebration is that many poets use the opportunity of the period to come together and organize small gatherings to read poems, teach the art of writing poems, and spread awareness of poetry to the public in general.





Schools, colleges, and other educational institutes hold poetry competitions for their students.




If you want to celebrate World Poetry Day, all you need to do is to either read poems of well-known Poets or simply attempt to write one. You can compose poems and read to your children, wife(and vice-versa), friends, and loved ones.




To mark this year’s World Poetry Day Celebration, we bring to your delightful pleasure the world of imagination and creativity in poetry. We have for you here some poems from great poets of repute and other ones from the stable of The InterviewsNigeria publication outfit.  Enjoy the poems:




  1. NIGHT


Your  hand is heavy, Night, upon my brow,

I bear no heart mercuric like clouds, to dare

Exacerbation from your subtle plough



Woman as a clam, on the sea’s crescent

I saw your jealous  eye quench the sea’s

Fluorescence, dance on the pulse incessant


Of the waves. And I stood, drained

Submitting like the sands, blood, and brine

Coursing to the roots. Night, you rained


Serrated shadows through dank leaves

Till bathed in a warm suffusion of your dappled cells

Sensations pained me, faceless, silent as night thieves.


Hide me now, when night children haunt the earth

I must hear none! These misted calls will yet

Undo me; naked, unbidden, at Night’s muted birth.


Wole Soyinka-Nigeria’s Nobel Laurette





Life could be very enjoyable

So also it could be boring

To me, life is a thing of a contradiction

It is full of many paradoxes

It is a  universe full of ambiguities

Life, though at times pleasant

But most  of the time does not worth its salt

For me, the medal of Saint Julius I wear

To love God is my solace in this hemisphere

Love of any other things are secondary and optional

I also believe that I was born to be Great

Born  to enjoy the good things of life


Though not to the extreme

My clarification of enjoyment  is peace

Peace within me and friends

To enjoy with  opposite sex too

I must confess I love the opposite sex you know……

Share my joys and sorrows with them unconditionally.



But tell me fellow men Is it possible to secure a woman’s love unconditionally?

In this century of money-bags

Where women and men sing and worship in the name of the Naira and no kobo?

The answer is NO

Despite all odds, I believe in calm endurance of all hardships

Just like the Stoic Philosophers

And I know that with time

I shall conquer to become a conqueror

Not the one that rules the world

But the one that rules his empire


Idowu Tunde-FGC,Enugu(NYSC)1990/91



Where some get paid in advance

Others in arrears

A few filled to satiety

Numberless die of starvation

Fire becomes the fashion

Of criminal action

Persons go to slumber without discrimination

Injustice and corruption, a mode of life

With such a Nation Nigerians strive

Can the Deity bring her out of this?


Rita Ese Eelah (Miss)

(The Shuttle UNILAG)






The people are waiting

The tear-ducts shedding blood

The naked eyes-x-ray the veins, just

as  High tides of blood plod through the arteries


They have nothing more to eat

And  they are biting us, biting hard

Like the worms biting our stomachs

The next second may spell our end


Throw that soup away

You have cooked it since the afternoon

My doctor says I should slim down

And I need some exercise


This rug is now old, still

We need a TV set in the toilet

Dear, we need another food store

You boys, never play with my gardener’s son


Corruption! Oppression! Injusstice!

We can all scream, now and then

It will not end, however,

Until from vice we all  turn

And act  the son who is love we all accept


Mike Bamidele

Culled from the Shuttle-Volume 2 -UNILAG






A drunkman is a self-murderer

Who drinks to another man’s good health

And robs himself of his own.

Drunkenness expels reason, distempers

the body and diminishes strength,

Drunkenness  is a witch of senses

and demons to the soul.

Drink drunk is a  thief to  the purse

And guide to beggarly, leonine and villainous

Drunkenness makes a man wallow worse

Than the beast and act like a Fool.


Idowu Tunde


















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