1. Water is a life giver. Besides the air, there is nothing  as essential  to life as water.

The origin of water  dates back as the time  of creation, that is,  the origin  of life itself. Our survival depends on water.


Take for instance, an apple  is 80% water. Tomato is 95%water,  pawpaw is 90% water, orange is 95% water.

The human  body is 70% water . 70% of the earth surface   is water.


The above analysis  is to show  us that water is  vital  to our existence.



Water therapy  is a scientific  method of drinking  water to promote health and brink healing.


How to Apply Water Therapy


  1. Drink at least  5 cups of water when  yu wake up  in the morning. This is  better done before you  brush your teeth.
  2. Drink a much water as you can during  the day , but  not while eating.
  3. You  should  drink water at least  one hour before  or after  meal  but not during  meals.  The reason   for this  is that  the body  produces  its own  enzymes  for digesting  any food taken. Because of this , drinking  while  eating  leads to a dilution  of these enzymes , making them lose their concentration
  4. Before going  to bed at night , you should  drink   or 3 cups of water


This method is very simple  that one can easily take  it for granted. However,  its efficacy  has been  scientifically  proved and documented.


Cases of Diabetes, Cancer, hypertension, arthritis, stroke and other deadly illnesses have  been reversed   through water therapy.




Make use of  water for the health and betterment  of our children , the world and ourselves.


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