The  Nigeria Television Authority(NTA) reports that the problem of current power outages in many parts of the country is caused by the breakdown of some National Integrated Power Plants supplying electricity to the national grid.

Among the plants mentioned are: Sapele, Afam, Olorunsogo, Omotoso, Ibom, Egbin, Alaoji, and Ihovbor. The Jebba Power Plant was shut down for annual maintenance.

Also, seven other integrated power plants namely, Geregu, Sepele, Omotosho, Gbarain, Omuku, Paras, and Alaoji are experiencing gas constraints while the Shiroro plant has water management problems..

‘’This unfortunate development has drastically affected  [power generation, thus effectively minimizing the national grid.

‘’In view of this, The Honourable Minister of Power  Engr. Sale Mamman regrets this unfortunate situation and offers his sincere apology to all affected Nigerians for the inconveniences the power shortages are causing. He assures that the ministry through the appropriate  Agencies is working assiduously to rectify the technical p[roblems affecting the plants as well as resolving the gas issues to the others.

Engr. Sale Mamman  also assures that the national grid will be restored to its previous historic  distribution peak of about  5,600 MW of electricity achieved early this year, so as to relieve Nigerians from the current harsh climatic conditions and restore full economic activities.’’

Source: Aaron Atma-NTA

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