The Minister of Police Affairs, Muhammad Dingyadi says efforts are on to install closed-circuit Television (CCTV) cameras on all major highways across the country to curb the increasing waves of kidnapping.

Dingyadi who disclosed this in an interview on Channels Television breakfast programme, SUNRISE DAILY, said, President Buhari has approved the project and the Federal Government has entered into an agreement with NPS Technology Company to re-fix the abandoned CCTV project.

‘’We are moving forward like you are aware, the 470 million CCTV project that has been abandoned, Mr President has now given us the go-ahead to resuscitate the project and we have already entered into a concession agreement with NPS Technologies. They are there trying to re-fix the entire system to resuscitate it’’.

According to the Minister, ‘by the time this system is put in place, we will have a lot of technology to manage these crises, particularly the issue of kidnappings in the country’’.We will go a long way to ensure that we reduce the number of kidnappings in this country’’

When asked if the CCTV will be mounted only in major cities like Abuja, the Minister said; The CCTV is going to be on all major highways in all states of the Federation; it is everywhere in the country’’.

Dingyadi said the company in charge of the CCTV projects is already purchasing the needed equipment for the project.

Speaking concerning the challenges, he said, they were aware of the challenges involved in achieving the projects and they were tackling them headlong.

‘’That is what we are doing now, we are facing the challenges, we are trying to resuscitate it. This company is already going into action to ensure that they purchase the needed equipment’’. He added that the project will be accomplished based on public and private partnerships.


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