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Researchers have shown that the total area of Nigeria is 983,213 square kilometres out of which 773,783 square kilometres are in Savannah zones In the forest zones however, we have 133,717.

The demographers have put Nigeria’s population at 120 million, giving us an average density of more than 120 persons per square kilometers. The implication of this is that Nigeria is already getting over populated or experiencing a very high population density even though it varies from one zone to the other.

In many parts of the country, people have witnessed with bewilderment that owing to flood and erosion, some brooks which were crossed with ease some years ago are now so large as to expose the foundation of their buildings (houses) and causing gorges in their environments.

Erosion is one of the most critical and deadly environmental problems affecting different parts of the country. It is prevalent and severe in the sandy areas of the nation.  Serious erosion features are sighted in the states such as Anambra, Edo, Imo and Enugu. In Anambra state, it affects more than 70% of the state’s land in form of sheet and gully erosions. Over 580 gullies have been located or mapped in Anambra state alone with severe loss and huge threat to agricultural products.

In the North, we have the flood destroying almost every farm especially in Kano , Jigawa ,Bauch,Bornu ,Kaduna and other parts of the Northern states of the Federation. Most of the agricultural products which mainly come from the northern states such as yams, millet, and a host of other farm products are being adversely affected by flood and erosions. This is an invitation to hunger and starvation when such products are becoming scarce in the markets; and if available, become too expensive for the common man to buy.

Many houses have been washed off by gully erosion in the North, West and South of the country. Many people are homeless because of this perennial disaster emanating from heavy and constant rainfall and if drastic action is not applied might spell more devastating disaster in future. In Lagos for example, especially in Lagos Island, those who built their houses along the coastal areas or erected make shift houses there, have experienced such houses swept away by the costal surge before dawn.  Neighbours woke up to have found out that those houses were no longer there. They have been swept away by the flood including the occupants overnight. What a great loss to human lives!!!

It is no longer breaking news that successive governments have been voting huge funds for flood victims. They call it ecological funds. What is required is for those handling the funds to be sincere in using the funds for same purpose and not divert it elsewhere. People in these areas pay their taxes, no matter how little it may be, so, they must be taken care of as a reciprocal. It is also not enough to debate or make proposition on the issue of flooding on the floor of the National or states Houses of Assembly but to be proactive in handling the matter as a big priority-a task that must be done.

Houses built on water ways must be re-channeled and drainages constructed where non existing. This is mostly vital in places like Lagos where most of the high brow areas like Lekki axis, Dolphin estate and other parts of the city  walk and drive during the raining season  inside pool of  river. Cue must be taken from the ex-governor of Osun state, Aregbesola ,who has put a stop to the yearly flooding along old Rasco cinema  by the construction of a modern bridge and demolishing of the houses built on water channel. Many other state governors did the same which is highly commendable

Another point to note as a panacea to prevent flooding is that the land owners should always work in tandem with the Local Planning Authority before they start the construction of their houses. This will save the land owners the headache of their houses demolished after construction if they have obstructed the water ways; prevention, people say is better than cure. In the same way, the Local Planning Authority should also respond to the call of these land owners and not sit in their offices for approval of building plans without getting to the sites. The Local Planning Authority after the initial inspection must also do a follow up exercise. This will help to minimize cases of flood disaster and building collapsing at random on completion which is now the order of the day. Blocked waterways/drainages must be  widely opened for easy flow of water because water will always find its way if the channel is blocked.

Lastly,  but not exhausted  the Ministry of National Orientation Agency(NOA) and its equivalent in states of the federation should make constant enlightenment campaigns to sensitize people on why they should avoid building on waterways and the importance of drainage system. Also, they should enlighten the people on proper disposal of refuse in their environments. The Ministry of the Environment and Health should  put heads together and go round all the nooks and crannies of the country for inspection –like the’’ WOLEWOLE’’(sanity inspectors) of the famous first republic and apply appropriate sanctions to the erring ones without fear or favour.

By Idowu Tunde



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It’s always said that ‘’a vision without a task is a dream; a task without a vision is drudgery, and a vision and a task is the hope of the world’’.

Despite the pioneering feat of the West in innovations /inventions in one form or the other, Africans, nay, Nigerians have proved the discordant voices wrong who always say that’’ nothing good can come out of the black race’’ In this millennium, the visions and aspirations of Nigerians are so sharp and great that they are recognized not only in Nigeria but internationally. Below are some of Nigeria’s innovators /inventors:

  1. SAHEED ADEPOJU-Nigerian

Saheed Adepoju is the inventor of the INYE 1&2 tablet computers designed for the African markets.  Similarly, he is a co-founder of Encipher Limited, a Nigerian based technology Company that introduced the first android powered tablet into Nigeria.

INYE -1 was unveiled in April 2010. It’s a 7-inch resistive screen tablet. It runs android 2.1 and allows users to connect to the internet using its in-built Wi-Fi Card and to use an external 3G modem from GSM networks. It offers about 3 hours of battery life and allows HDMI output to HDMI capable devices.

               INYE-2 was unveiled in May 2011. It’s an 8-inch capacitive screen tablet. It runs Android 2.2

                And allows users to connect to the internet using its in-built Wi-Fi Card as well as it’s in-built

                SIM. It allows about 8 hours of battery life and allows users to connect to other USB devices.

2.  JELANI ALIYU (MFR) Nigerian

 He’s credited with designing General Motors’ leading auto brand, Chevrolet Volt. Jelami Was born in Kaduna State, Nigeria in I966. He originates from Sokoto State, Nigeria and  Earned an associate degree in architecture from Birnin -Kebbi Polytechnic in 1988. After graduation from the Polytechnic, Jelani worked at the Ministry of Works, Sokoto And later proceeded to the United States of America (USA) for additional qualification. He graduated in 1994 with a degree in Automobile Design from the College for Creative-Studies, Detroit, Michigan and was employed by General motors.

3. SEYI OYESOLA- Nigerian

He is a co-inventor of CompactOR or’’ Hospital in a Box’’, a solar-powered life-saving Operating   room which can be transported to remote areas of Africa and set up within Minutes. Seyi is a Nigerian trained Doctor and inventor, who had his basic science and Medical education at the The University of Lagos, Nigeria with a specialist in anaesthesia and Critical Care in the UK and USA In order to help bring surgically care to the grassroots in the continent, he co-developed CompactOR, or the ‘’Hospital in a Box’’, a portable medical system that contains Anaesthetic and surgical equipment. One major advantage of this invention is that the Operating suite is; light enough to be dropped into inaccessible zones by a helicopter And can be powered by solar panels

4.  GERALD ODO- Nigerian

This teenager at age 15, fascinated with toys, created his own  fashion of toys with scrap Materials, using painted plywood syringes, water, wire, small tubes along with motorcycle Battery to power the product. He made a dump-truck, excavator, and a helicopter.


In 2012, these four secondary school girls were credited to have invented urine- Powered generator which they showcased at Maker Faire Africa.According to these girls, the machine works thus:-Urine is put into an electrolytic cell, which cracks the urea into hydrogen Nitrogen and water-The hydrogen is purified with a water filter and is pushed into the gas Cylinder -The gas Cylinder pushes the hydrogen into Cylinder borax which removes Moisture from the hydrogen gas-The purified hydrogen is then pushed into the generator1-Litre of urine gives 6 hours of electricity.


At age 13,in 2016, Michael ULCOMA  created a battery operated fans which he Christened Blue Wind Fans. When the fans are fully charged, can last up to 13 hours They are of different sizes eg. Tabletop, free-standing, etc. The materials he uses are Mostly aluminum wires and old cartons for packaging.


Engineer Timothy Addigi Terfa  , a UK trained Nigerian Engineer in 2016 built a Customized a tractor which he branded ‘ijodo’   meaning ‘labour’ in his native Tiv Language. According to Addigi, the tractor was built  with materials sourced In Nigeria and was designed with the ability to cover a wide range of farming jobs.


Cyprian holds more than 126 United States of American patents and over 160 patents Worldwide in semiconductor technology including US Patent No-6709562 ‘’ method Of making electroplated interconnection structures on integrated Circuit Chips, which Earned him the the inventor of the year Award in 2006 from the New York intellectualProperty Association.

Source: Creators archives/Zikoko, NL I P WATCH Website

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10,000  death from air pollution in China prevented corona virus lock down study finds

UPDATES: Ousted virus expert testifies before House Panel.

  • Dr. Rick Bright says he was removed as the Director of a government research office because he raised concerns about virus preparedness
  • Over the past two months, more than 36m Americans have filed unemployment insurance claim
  • Wisconsin’s Supreme court struck down Gov. Tony Evers’s stay-at -home  order
  • President Trump is set to travel to Pennsylvania as he pressures Gov. Tom Wolf to reopen more of the state faster
  • AFP – China rejects US claim of attempted vaccine theft as ‘smearing’
  • Virus  crises adds to woes of Africa;s oil producers


  •      Spain’s daily corona virus death toll rises,potential second wave feared.


  •  Wuham reopened last moth. Now,new coronavirus infections spark mass testing and renewed fears
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I t is no longer strange globally of the recent ‘Hitler’ called CORONAVIRUS or  COVID -19 killing thousands of people without a machine gun or bullets.

What is this monster killing without bullet or machine guns, without mercy? According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered Coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

For a better understanding of how the symptoms are, It is germane to notice the following:




  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water  or clean with alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  2. Keep at least I metre  distance between you  and people coughing or sneezing
  3. Avoid touching your face
  4. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing(you may use mouth/nose mask)
  5. Stay indoor if you feel unwell
  6. Avoid smoking or other activities that weaken the lungs
  7. Practise physical distancing by avoiding unnecessary travel and stay away from a large crowd

The World Health Organization hints that those with mild symptoms should self isolate and contact their medical provider or a COVID-19 information line for advice on testing or referral.

Helpline in Nigeria-Whatsapp –text Hi to NCDC-07087110839

It is pertinent to remember the information given by the Nigeria Health Minister-Prof. Ehanirie Osagie that ‘no private hospital in Nigeria has been authorized to treat coronavirus’. Let us help ourselves and help others against this deadly disease by obeying the medical expert’s counsels. Only accredited hospitals must attend to a suspected patient.

By- Idowu Julius

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