Having a good night  sleep  is sine-qua-non to a good health.  A good sleep is a twin brother  to a good healthy living.  Also , we  discover that  a lot of people  have found  it difficult , if not  impossible to sleep well at night for one reason or the other.


Inability to sleep well, or  have a good  night sleep can lead  to a lot of health problems. Medical experts  even said  it may  lead to insanity if  not quickly checked .



Medical experts have said that  it is not just  to sleep  but to have  a good quality  sleep.



Why is Sleep so Important  to Your Health?


During sleep , your brain forms  new nueral pathways, your body rests  and your memory  becomes  stronger.


To crown  it, it has been  said by experts, that  lack of  quality sleep  has been traced  to  health condition of obesity.



Mental  health  can also  be devastating  by lack  of quality  sleep.  One of the ways to have a good quality sleep at night  is by having  a glass of milk before going to bed.


In the past, having a glass of milk at bedtime was traditional , especially  in the West(Europe) because  of its  benefits in sleep ,but now it is  becoming worldwide  because  it is now medically accepted.





Find below some health Benefits of drinking a cup  of milk  before going to bed and also  the best type  of milk to drink at night:

It helps to promote healthy sleep cycle. Milk contains tryptophan and Melatonin, both are compounds which helps to facilitate quality sleep.



Tryptophan  plays a role in promoting  the production  of Serotonin; a hormone which  helps  in the production   of the hormone melatonin.




This acts as a cycle  because  melatonin helps to prepare  your body for sleep and regulate  the Circadian rhythm also known as sleep cycle.





  1. Helps you fall asleep faster

Drinking milk  before going to bed helps  you to fall asleep faster.


According to Healthline, drinking  milk before  going to bed  at night  has immense  benefits  on the quality of  your sleep.




Studies  have shown  that drinking  milk before  going to  bed has an impact  on the sleep  and people who drink milk before  sleeping  would have quality  sleep.




Is there Any  Type of Milk to Drink Before Going to Bed?


There have been controversies on the type of  milk  to drink  before going to bed. While  some posit   that COLD-MILK is the  best, some believe  that WARM-MILK is



However, studies indicate  that the temperature  of the milk  has nothing  to do with  its effect on  sleep. Therefore, you  can have  whatever  type of  milk  you prefer  before going to bed for the night sleep.





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