Former President Olusegun Obasanjo narrated his prison experience and declared that he did three things while he was in Yola and Kirikiri prisons serving a jail term for phantom coup charges by the late military dictator, Sani Abacha.

He also said there should be no position that a man should find himself in life where he should not be useful to God.

Recalling his time as an inmate, Obasanjo said he did three remarkable things, which were that he built a Church while in prison; started a farm, converted  Baba Ali to a Christian, and served as prison pastor.

He narrated’’ There’s a difference between joy and happiness. In prison, I had joy but it will be madness for me to say that when I was in prison I was happy. How can you be in prison and you saying you are happy? But I was having the joy of God with me, not for one day was I sad. And I am grateful to God for the experience that I had in the prison.

‘’I will mention three things that God made me do when I was in Yola Prison.

One, God made me build a church. It’s very unusual, I asked the authorities for land, they were reluctant, but eventually, they gave me land, and immediately, we started getting donations. It was started before I left Yola. Wherever you are, you can still be useful to the work of God.

Secondly, there was a parcel of land that was not being used for anything; so, I told the prison authorities that I wanted to farm. They were reluctant but eventually they granted me permission to farm and I grew enough beans to feed all the inmates and the warders. Don’t remain idle, get something doing’’.

The third thing he did,  Obasanjo said, was at Kirikiri Prison in Lagos where he took over as the prison pastor. He said he took over as prison pastor because the prison authorities banned preachers from coming in after some white garments preachers who came to preach had helped some inmates to escape by dressing them in white garments.

He said, ’’They made sure we did not receive anybody from outside to come and preach to us or fellowship with us. So,  I took over as the prison pastor. And there was a boy whom they had introduced to me, his nickname was Baba Ali.

Baba Ali was the head of the armed robbers in the North. And if you were an armed robber and you came to the prison, you must first of all go and pay homage to Baba Ali. If you were going out, you must go to Baba Ali and ask him for instructions on what you had to do next.

So,  I called Baba Ali one day and said,’’ You are not coming to fellowship; I want you to be coming to the fellowship.’’ He said,’ Baba, don’t worry me; don’t worry me at all because God can never forgive me.  I have killed so many people in my life; I have drunk blood of so many people; I have eaten the flesh of so many people and God will never forgive me, so, don’t waste your time about me.’.

‘’ I left Baba Ali on that occasion, and I waited for sometime before I went back and said, ’Baba Ali, you know all you said that you are a murderer, whether you killed only one person or a thousand people, you are a murderer; but have you forgotten that Moses was a murderer but God used him to bring the people of Israel out of Egypt? David was a murderer but God called him a man after my heart.

By the time I was leaving the prison, I told Baba Ali that if he was able to make it and he would like to go to Bible School, I would send him to Bible School. Baba Ali came out of prison two years after me. By the time he came out, I had become the President of Nigeria. It took him two years to get through to me, when he got to me, I reminded him of our agreement and he said he was ready to go to bible school. So, I sent him to the Seminary. Baba Ali spent two years in the Seminary; today, Baba Ali is the pastor of a Baptist Church. What is more? Baba Ali’s junior brother took after him and has also become a pastor’’.


  1. No position that a man should find himself in life where he should not be useful to God.
  2. Wherever you are, you can still be useful to the work of God. God can use you anywhere, anytime.
  3. Don’t remain idle, get something done.
  4. God can change anybody.
  5. There is opportunity in every disappointment
  6. Wisdom can save your life.

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