Candace  Owens has branded Kim Kardashian a ‘’Prostitute’’ and her mother Kris Jenner , a ‘Pimp’ following  Ray  J’s  claim  that Kris orchestrated  the leak of their sex tape.


Ray  J, released  receipts to back  his claim  that his  and Kim’s sex tape were  turned  into  a fame –making  opportunity  by Kris Jenner. He also claims  Kris made  them record  the sex tape  a second and third time to get Kim’s best  angles.



Conservative commentator, Candace Owens, during  her Daily Wire talk Show, blasted Kim ,41, and her mother, 66, over the tape.

Candace said:’’Kim  Kardashian is a prostitute; her mother  is a pimp-worse  than a prostitute’’. She went  on to call  out  Kris for making  her daughter become famous through sex. She said , Kris ‘ plan worked and Kim is still selling  sex to stay  relevant.

‘’She  is so emblematic of the society  that we  live  in today, that  if you are willing  to denigrate  yourself, if you are willing  to denigrate yourself, then , our society , our American Society will give you more.’’


She went on: ‘’There are really no words that can adequately  describe  how positively  disgusted  I am  by the story. ‘’A mother  sat down  and decided  to sell her daughter’s body  for fame and money and she was successful’’.



Owens, a mother of two , condemned Jenner  for allegedly  watching , ‘’various tapes of her daughter  having sex with a boyfriend  out of wedlock.’’ She further commented,” Let’s sell this tape, this will  make you  the most  famous ”. ‘’Not  only is that disgusting , but  then  , that her plan worked.


Kim  Kardashian is a billionaire today , and  she is , by the way , still selling sex’’
































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