The long   awaiting day for the Boluwaduro Community, Oke-Odo, Agunbelewo, Osogbo, was a dream come true as the Vice- Chairman of the Community piloted the caterpillar of road construction workers to the community to put the road networks of the community into a  better shape

In an exclusive interview with the vice-chairman of the Community Association as to why they embarked on the project,   Pastor   OYEYEMI    says, ‘Our road networks are bad; we had it in the pipeline to do the repairs a long time ago but logistics and other allied matters delayed us until today. We are doing this for the welfare of our community, through our communal efforts’’.

When pressed further why they did not wait or call the government to repair the roads for them, his response:-‘’The government can’t do everything; the community also is a government because we have Community leaders whose priority is to give the best to residents of the community, and that is why we are doing this through our communal efforts ‘’, he concluded.

On whether they still have other projects in mind for the community, the vice-chairman said ‘We are planning after this to improve on the existing drainages, replacement of wooden electric poles with the concrete type and would venture to make the electricity supply in the community stable.

The vice-chairman did not forget to commend the Executive Members of the Landlords’ Association in the community and the residents for their unflinching support (morally and spiritually) to bringing progress to the community and calls for better cooperation in the years ahead.

All the adjoining roads and beyond were graded and widened to give a better facelift to the road networks in the community.

‘The Interviews Nigeria’ sought the opinions of residents in the community on how well the road repairs meet their yearnings, their response: We are grateful to God for this job well done; it will reduce the constant damage of our cars and other things which have caused us a lot of financial stress in the past. We are praying for them to do more”

Interview conducted by-Idowu Tunde

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