Yahaya Muhammad from Yobe State was on Tuesday confirmed as a  board member of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC)  by the Senate.

However,  a Senator pointed out that Mohammad‘s curriculum vitae CV  indicated that he started school before he was born.

The Senator representing Jigawa North East, Hassan  Hadejia, said there was a discrepancy in the sequence of Mohammad’s educational experience because, he was allegedly born on September 29th, 1969 but started school at Central Primary School in I968.

In his committee’s report, Chairman of the Senate  Committee on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes, Suleiman Audu Kwari(Kaduna North) urged the Senate to confirm Muhammad and other nominees.

Kwari said the nominees were found to have nothing incriminating against them.

But, Hadejia said, ‘’My name is Senator  Hassan  Hadejia, representing  Jigawa Northeast  Senatorial  District. Let me bring to the notice of the House certain discrepancies in the report, which are contradictory, especially with regards to one of the nominees, Alhaji Yahaya Muhammad, on page 8, where the nominee, add to the record, started his primary school before he was born.’’.

‘’There   is also  an overlap in the sequence of his educational experience because here,  he was born on September 29, 1969 and he started his education at Central Primary School in 1968.

‘’Then he was in Borno Teachers’ College from 1975 and 1988 while simultaneously, he was in the College of Administration Studies from 1980 to 1981.

‘’If these are typographical errors, Mr . President, maybe we should have them corrected for the sake of our record’’.

The Senate, however, did not resolve or seek to correct the discrepancies pointed out by Hadejia to his colleagues before confirming  Muhammad for appointment as EFCC Board Member.

Muhammad is from Yobe State, as the Senate  President Ahmad  Lawan, who was not present at the plenary.


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