Ifeanyi Obike, the Anambra State-born billionaire is about to launch a new global airline, Obike Air which will compete with the likes of British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and Virgin Atlantic.

According to the information on Ifeanyi Obike’s Linkedin page, the forward-looking global airline, Obike Air, is to increase the number of Obike’s investments.

Details about this airline is still sketchy bur Obike’s Air is yearning for investors and partners from both the public and private sectors around the globe  to join his team

The airline has been tipped to fly the 747s and 787s airliners. Mr. Obike  Ifeanyi also hinted about the new logo and uniform for the start-up airline.

When the airline takes off, it will join the queue of start-up airlines, , including Green Africa airline that would start their flights shortly.

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