The spokesperson for the APC Presidential campaign council, Festus Keyamo  has said that  he and other APC members  were  proud looking stupid campaigning  for Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu.


‘’People  say  you camn’t campaign  for Asiwaju without looking  stupid. I have heard  such commemt and I   love  that commentba lot. So, we are proud  to look stupid.  To  campaign  for a genius  who appears  stupid to everybody now.’’ Keyamo stated.


Keyamo’s comments came on the heels  of Dino Melaye’s criticism that was based  on President Muhammadu Buhari’s  untoward   performance; anyone campaigning  for APC’s presidential candidate, Ahmed Tinubu  would look stupid.



Melaye ,is  a spokesperson for  Atiku  Abubakar’s  Presidential  campaign organization of the PDP .


While reacting  to Melaye’s comment  in an interview with ThisDay, Keyamo said , ‘’You know why I  love that comment that you  can  look stupid? Because  only geniuses look  stupid. The Newtons of this world looked stupid.’’





The junior labour minister ,  therefore, declared  that Mr Tinubu , a former governor of Lagos State, would  be the easiest  presidential candidate to campaign for  ahead  of 2023 general elections.



According to him, facts and figures support Tinubu’s presidential  candidature.


‘’I have said  it on different  for a that Asiwaju  is the easiest candidate to market. Pn  the surface, people just  thought  like ‘is this guy  joking? Is he  insane?,’’ added Keyamo.


‘’By the time we begin to  roll out the records, the facts and figures, it will  now become  clear that nobody  is close to Asiwaju.’’





Before now, Keyamo  had said  that Tinubu  would run  Nigeria  exactly like  Buhari’s regime.




The former APC Chairman Adams Oshiomhole had tried  to distance  Mr Tinubu from  the failure of the Buhari’s regime. But Keyamo insisted  the media misrepresented  Oshiomhole ‘s statement.



‘’It is the same APC template that both leaders(Buhari and tinubu) will use,’’ Keyamo said in an interview on Channels TV. ‘’ I saw one  misleading  headline  from one   of the papers yesterday, and I laughed. It was misleading , misrepresenting what  one of  our leaders  said. That we are distancing  ourselves from  the records  of Buhari, that is  utter nonsense’’.





































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