The Ilobu-Asake Development Union wishes to announce the start of activities to celebrate Ilobu Day 2022.

The Ilobu Day celebration is an annual event in which sons and daughters of our ancient city gather to celebrate our rich cultural heritage, honor our forefathers’ sacrifices, and chart a new course for the development of our community.

In addition to being a festival that brings sons and daughters together, it draws the attention of the world to potential opportunities that are inherent in our land.

The Pearl Anniversary is a one-of-a-kind celebration this year. It promises not only to bring back the glamour, fanfare, and historic moments, but also to entail special activities and programs that will keep it fresh in our minds.

The 30th Ilobu Day celebration begins today at Ilobu House Complex with unprecedented engagement with relevant stakeholders, groups, and religious bodies by the IDU National Executives. The purpose of the engagement is to inform all sons and daughters about this year’s celebrations and, more importantly, to solicit their feedback.

This will be followed by a World Press Conference on Saturday, November 5, at which my humble self, President of Ilobu-Asake Development Union, will speak. I’ll be talking on what this year’s celebration hopes to accomplish and what the rest of the world should look out for in Ilobu in the coming years. In addition, I will reveal the 30th Ilobu Day Mascot.

Following the conference, a courtesy call will be made to the Palace of Olobu, followed by the launch of the Ilobu Youths Assembly. The Assembly will serve as a vehicle for coordinating the contributions of all young people in Ilobu to the development of the community.

Other activities include a free medical and surgical examination for those in need on Wednesday. This will be accomplished in collaboration with Positive Thinkers Initiatives. On Tuesday, members of the Ilobu National Students Union will give a public lecture. On Thursday, Cultural Day will be held at the Palace of Olobu of Ilobu, Oba Asiru Olatoye Olaniyan.

A special forum will be held on Friday evening at the Ilobu House Complex before the grand finale on Saturday, November 12 at St Paul’s Grammar School’s playing field in Ilobu.

I congratulate all sons and daughters of Ilobu on this year’s celebration on behalf of the Olobu of Ilobu, Oba Asiru Olatoye Olaniyan JP, the National Executive of the Ilobu-Asake Development Union, and the National Executive Council.

We encourage everyone to make a meaningful contribution to the program and, by extension, the development of Ilobu.

Thank you very much.


Pastor Oluwafemi Salako, FCA
National President, Ilobu-Asake Development Union
November 1, 2022

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