The type of development that most of  us are familiar with is the training programme-it’s usually

away from the daily routine or job.However,nowadays, it is acknowledged that  expensive courses are not the only or even the best way of enabling people to learn. People can be empowered by development that occurs”on the job” than they would be going on courses.

The reason is that they will learn more quickly and effectively if what they are doing  is practical and immediately germane. Nonetheless, this is not to say that formal  training courses have no place in helping people to learn. You may decide that members of your team  need some conventional training to meet identified needs.

Developing people in the workplace  is useful  for the following reasons: is inexpensive , 2. easy to organize, can get involve yourself,4. it is flexible.

Experienced managers and Chief Executives of industries have found the following opportunities for development useful:

i getting people involved  in special projects,  ii Shadowing-allowing someone to follow an experienced worker  for a specified  period of time- (salesmen/marketers can make use of this),

iii. one-on-one-coaching, iv. in-house workshops, v. on-the job training by an  experienced worker-

sometimes called ‘sitting  by Nelle’, vi. delegating some of their own  tasks, vii. arranging for two people to swap jobs for a while, viii. seconding  people into  other departments,ix. suggesting that people read things- eg( technical manuals,journal articles, professional literatures, self study workbooks etc.),x. giving people the opportunity to do their line manager’s job when  he is on annual leave or sick leave, xi. asking individual member to take turns to chair team meetings,  organizing visits to other work areas- including customers and suppliers, xii-encouraging  and supporting team and individual work in the community,xiii organizing focus groups to find out what customers think-brainstorming

Depending on what you prefer,some of the above suggestions may be used but the method you  choose depends on the development need and the individual  involved.

To be continued–.

By J.A Idowu


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