The academic activities in public universities have been put on hold since February 14,2022,leaving hundreds of thousands students stranded in various homes.

The union said successive governments have failed to implement the agreements reached in 2009.


At present,ASUU has demanded President Muhammadu Buhari adopt the Universities Transparency and Accountability Solution(UTAS) for paying

Universities Staff Salaries instead of  the Integrated Personnel Payroll  Information System and the payment  of academic earned allowance (EAA) among others.


On Tuesday,Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)  mobilized unions across the country,protested  solidarity with ASUU, demanding that Buhari meet ASUU’s demands,so that students could return  to school.


“Back to class. In a leadership course@harvard@kennedy school. Forget the number of grey hairs,one is never too old to learn”.


Gbajabiamila’spost , however,sparked anger and frustrations  from Twitter users:


Tweeting via @ _raud,one RudwanAjibade said,” We are on strike,Hon young people want to learn.Please, do something.”


@aayanate wrote,”While our students are at home helpless,and our lecturers are under the bridge protesting.Posterity will judge.”


@johneke997 said,”Back to class!! Same day NLC is staging a protest,ASUU striking like a thunder! You people don see us finish”

@SheikhAnalo wrote,”It is not by attending class,baba ,what did you learn and how does that affect the average Nigerian because IAM very certain that their tax and resources paid for the course.”


@FS_Yusuf, said,”IGA,ASUU dey strikeO.15million kids are out of school.Thousands of young people in Surulere are home not going to school.Weldone”.


@olorunwababs said,”If universities in the USA were to be  on strike,how will you be able to  experience a working system?

Walk around and see how basic things works in a normal University.


Let’s hope  you’ll return  and use your influence to make our educational institutions work”

#EndASUUStrike Now”


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