There is a palpable fear in the Yahoo-Yahoo industry as the International Criminal Police Organisation –INTERPOL is about to launch a new cybercrime operations desk. These new cybercrime  operations will take effect in Nigeria and 48  other African countries,

According to reports surrounding the news, the United Kingdom (UK) is the one spearheading this initiative. About 3m Pounds Sterling(N1.7Biliion) has been reportedly set aside for the kicks off of the operation to tackle cybercrime in Nigeria and others.

The UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab said in a cyber conference held in the UK that’ ’We are working with like- minded partners, to make sure that the international order that governs cyber activity is fit for purpose.

‘’our aim should be to create cyberspace that is free, open, peaceful, and secure, which benefits all countries and all the people.

‘’ The UK’s support for INTERPOL’S  Cyber initiative in Africa underlines its commitment to this fight and will be an important piece of the global security to combat cybercrime.

What the implication of this to Nigeria and Nigerians, especially the Yahoo boys is that that the UK will now have a special cybercrime unit inside Nigeria monitoring their activities. This is like ‘’EFCCPRO MAX. They are going to be collaborating with the EFCC and other anti-graft agencies to clamp down on internet scammers

According to some unconfirmed reports, Nigeria is responsible for more than half of the total cyber-related crime in Africa. Their victims are usually in America and other European countries. It also stated that cybercrime is one of the most prolific forms of international crime. If it is not nipped in the bud on time, the damages may cost the global economy USD10.5trillion annually by 2025.

How things are going to be in the days ahead is not yet known. Although the official date of the operation is not yet known, it could start anytime as no much logistics is needed since they will be working in conjunction with other Nigerian security operatives.

with other Nigerian security operatives.

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