Creativity  is a twin brother  to development. A Nigerian , Yahaya Ahmed , has utilized his God-given  ingenuity and creativity  to build  a 3-bedroom  house  in Kaduna with  the common  plastic bottles sand-filled , ( 14,800)  as concrete bricks.

Ahmed is an Engineer  and Director of  a non- Governmental   Organisation , Developmental  Association  of Renewable Energies in Nigeria(DARE)


According to Engineer  Ahmmed, his organization  embarked on  this project  to encourage  recycling  of waste  materials, create  jobs and ensure  a safe  environment  in Nigeria.



The  house  has three rooms , a kitchenette  and one toilet.



He told Journalists  that his workers filled  the plastic bottles  with sand and linked  them  at the neck  by an intricate  network of  strings.




He says,’’ It is  the cheapest anyone  can construct  without spending  much money , because  the building materials  are available  on the streets and  trash dump sites.’’




‘’It is 20 times  stronger  than brick wall houses  and can last  for over 300 years if constructed   properly  and carefully .




It is fireproof, bulletproof, earthquake  resistant and can  adapt  to all  kinds  of climate  change , desertification and deforestation.’’





‘’It is the  cheapest house  to build  in this  generation  with waste plastic  bottles on the streets polluting  our environments and causing  more problems like flood and other disaster in the communities’’.




Still speaking on the  design  of the ‘plastic house’, ‘’The  circular shape  adds strength  to the walls , while  providing  a very  aesthetic  and pleasing  appearance’’.





‘’Any person  with masonry  skills can  be used as labour  in the construction  of one of  these homes.  We have  trained many  youths and we  are  still training  more youths and adults the various ways  of constructing  these houses  across the country  and some parts  of Africa’’.



In his response to  the question  why  he chose  to execute this project , Ahmed repled,’’We  want to  reduce  the volume  of plastic  that is polluting  our environments and causing  diseases  and other disaster.’’




‘’Our joy is  to train  more youths the skills of this kind of  housing so as  to save  our streets  from plastic  bottles dominating  our rivers and ponds, causing flood and other  disasters.’’




Ahmed said , plastic –made house may be available in some parts of African countries but his own is one of them in this part of  Africa, especially Nigeria.



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