Why did pharmacy chains stage a real hunt for a specialist and is it possible to achieve justice when everything is bought?

Chijioke Okeke is one of those caring people who are willing to risk their lives for the health and well-being of others.

After graduating from the Nigerian Independent University, Chijioke Okeke returned to his native village and began working as a doctor at a local medical centre.

What prevented a simple rural specialist from officials and businessmen, and why did a real hunt open for him?

Find out today in our special report.

Ngozi Adekunle is always waiting for Chijioke to visit with great joy because he did the impossible – he saved her from complete deafness!

He has known Ngozi Adekunle since childhood. She always treated the boy well, treated him with berries and sweets. But age takes its toll, Ngozi Adekunle got tinnitus, and his hearing began to deteriorate rapidly, it became difficult to talk with people to solve various everyday problems. Ngozi’s husband died 5 years ago, and her only daughter lives in Abuja and visits her mother every three months.

Chijioke, as a sensitive person, took patronage over a fellow villager and even got her examined by the best Nigerian doctors. However, the verdict was disappointing – the best luminaries of medical science abandoned the pensioner and predicted a quick loss of hearing and complete deafness.

But Chijioke did not give up! By all means, he decided to help the pensioner. And he succeeded! Based on ancient natural recipes, he created a remedy that helped Ngozi Adekunle restore her hearing and return to her usual rural life!

We visited the pensioner and talked with her:

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— Hello Ngozi, tell us about Chijioke Okeke because he saved you from total hearing loss!

— Yes, Chiji is my saviour! My hearing became completely bad, there was tinnitus, and I could not talk to people normally, because I did not hear what they answered me. Even buying something in a store or just going out is difficult when you don’t hear anything at all, so I asked Chiji or a neighbour Adeze. Seldom left the house. Chiji took me to Abuja to examine, and there they only shrugged, they said that it was time for me to measure myself with complete deafness.

But how to live in the countryside when you don’t hear the people or what’s going on around you? How to go out, how to shop, solve everyday problems? Who will do all this? My daughter is in the city, she has a job, and a family, and three grandchildren are growing up, but I can’t chain her to an old woman and deprive her children of their mother.

Ngozi Adekunle’s condition rapidly deteriorated. She practically did not hear anything and because of this, she got into unpleasant situations. A couple of times she almost got hit by a car because she didn’t hear the signal. The surrounding people did not understand how to talk to her and how to help her. Even simple tasks are difficult for a deaf person to solve.

And Chiji brought some kind of herbal tincture and it helped me! Every day I got better. The noise in my ears decreased, and my hearing slowly began to return. I continued to drink this herbal tincture and after about two months I began to hear loud sounds. TV at high volume or when a person is speaking loudly to me.

But Chiji told me to keep drinking the tincture, so I continued. And after a while, my hearing returned completely! The noise in my ears is also gone. I hear everything very well, as in my youth. I go outside and talk to neighbours and grandchildren on the phone. I no longer have any hearing problems

Nothing worries the hearing is the same as it was in his younger years. Chiji thank you every day. A very kind guy, always interested in how I feel, comes once a week, never forgets.

We met Chijioke Okeke at work. He hurried to his patients as usual.

But we managed to ask him a few questions.

— Chijioke, tell us how did you manage to restore Ngozi Adekunle’s hearing? After all, even Nigerian doctors refused it!

— I have known Ngozi Adekunle since childhood, she was always kind to me, I often ran into her house and she was always glad to see me. It was hard for me to watch her lose the ability to hear normally. There is no one to help her, she lives alone. I found a way to take her to Abuja, but they didn’t help us there.

Then I decided to look for alternative ways – my grandmother and mother are also doctors. At home, we kept old books of folk recipes for various diseases, herbalists, and grandmother’s notes in notebooks. Previously, medicine was mainly folk, especially in the villages. These recipes are time-tested, and as a doctor, I understood that I definitely wouldn’t do worse. And if you’re lucky, I’ll help a good person.

I began to look for something on the topic by hearing and finding interesting entries. I paid special attention to Maltodextrin. It contains many vitamins, antioxidants and natural antibiotic components. The substance is not addictive and has no side effects. So it is safe to use. Thanks to this substance, our ancestors were able to survive in the wild. It not only helps to get rid of the symptoms of the disease but also eliminates the root causes of the disease – these are old cells that function slowly and the circulatory system that nourishes the inside of the ear.

I also used idlula leaf extract – it perfectly relieves inflammation and pain, and also – it helps stop degenerative processes in the eardrums.

These ingredients are not so rare in our area, I found them quickly enough. Made a remedy and ordered Ngozi to be taken twice a day. She called me three days later and said that the hearing began to return.

I confess that I did not expect such a wonderful result. But I am very glad that Ngozi Adekunle helped.

— And what happened next? How did it happen that a real hunt began for you? We know that threats are pouring in on you and there were even attempts to set fire to your house.

— When I realized that Ngozi was getting better, I tested my product on other people who had hearing problems. And it helped everyone! They thanked me very much and asked me to patent the remedy.

Yes, and I wanted to help not only my fellow villagers but also all the people in our country. After all, millions of people suffer from various hearing diseases: hearing loss, tinnitus, various discomfort, and various inflammatory processes.

I nevertheless decided to go to Abuja to the research institute. I was well received, doctors of sciences, and professors listened with interest about my remedy, asked about the composition, and I told them everything. They said they would research my remedy, but for the time being, they sent me home and assured me that they would be invited back soon to patent my formula.

But two months have passed, and no one has contacted me from Abuja. I called, but I couldn’t speak to anyone.

And then one day guests came to me – representatives of a pharmaceutical company in expensive cars. They offered a lot of money, they wanted to buy my formula. But I refused, I want to help people, not to earn money. So I turned them down.

And then some incomprehensible people came to me and threatened to remain silent about the fact that it was I who invented the remedy, otherwise they would kill me.

Then it hit me! Abuja wants to steal my formula and make millions on it!

I said that this is my remedy, I invented it and I will not allow anyone else to patent it. Then threats began to pour in on me on the phone, they forced me to quit, promised to put me in prison, and even one night they tried to set fire to my house!! Fortunately, the neighbours noticed in time.

Despite constant threats, Chijioke continues to work and help his patients who have no one else to rely on

— Just think! A real detective!

— Yes exactly. They are there in Abuja used to solving cases by such methods. What I am for them is just a rural specialist who can be removed from the road and earn billions on my opening.

Or maybe they even want to sell the formula abroad and our people will never see my remedy, but the Americans and Europeans will be able to restore their hearing and be healthy and happy.

I couldn’t let that happen! Therefore, i decided to seek the truth and again went to Abuja. The whole village even collected money for me for the trip, because my salary is not enough to travel back and forth.

I went to look for support. I travelled to a lot of scientific institutes and got acquainted with many professors and researchers. And I’m lucky! I met people who entered my situation, for whom not money comes first, but people’s health! These are doctors by vocation, for whom the Hippocratic oath is not just a sound!

A group of scientists from the Independent Science Center worked on the creation of Acuflex, which was based on a formula invented by Chijioke Okeke

They helped me patent the formula, and with the support of the Independent Scientific Center for Hearing Rehabilitation, a remedy based on my formula was released. It was called Acuflex. It contains only natural ingredients that I used before.

My invention has successfully passed all tests, and safety checks and showed amazing results!

  • 99% of patients fully recovered their hearing.
  • 98% of patients got rid of noise and inflammation in the ears.
  • 100% satisfied with the result and are ready to recommend the Acuflex to their relatives and friends.

This drug has a positive effect on everyone without exception. No other medicine available today is as effective as this!

People got rid of such diseases as hearing impairment, deafness, tinnitus, otitis media, otomycosis, Meniere’s disease and many others that seriously impair the quality of life and create many problems. I am very glad that my tool has finally seen the light of day and has become available to most people.

— And it can already be bought at the pharmacy?

— Unfortunately no. Greedy pharmacists do not want to sell Acuflex at the price we would like to charge. And this is beyond the reach of many Nigerians, to say nothing of pensioners living in villages and villages.

But we have found a way that will allow everyone to get a Acuflex and get a discount of up to 50%. Yes, you heard right, the Acuflex can be ordered at a discounted price!

— How to do it? Need any help or recipes?

— No, all that is required is to live in the Nigeria and be over 30 years old. Acuflex is sent directly from the warehouse and delivered by post. But the catch is that there are a lot of people with hearing problems, and the tool is still being produced in limited quantities, since the project is funded by the state, not commercial.

Therefore, the sale of funds is carried out through an official drawing, in which everyone can take part and receive a discount of up to 50%. No documents need to be collected. Just fill out the order form below.

The operator will contact you to clarify the delivery address.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Restore your hearing and ear health with the new effective product Acuflex!

Acuflex in Nigeria can be obtained with a discount of up to 50%.



Olusegun Akindele


What a good fellow! I respect you that you did not sell your invention. And how many such brains have already flown abroad – and do not count!

Chijioke Afolayan


With age, my hearing deteriorated greatly and tinnitus appeared, my wife was angry all the time that I could not hear her. I ordered this drug. Came very quickly. The result surprised me. I hear everything perfectly, people do not have to repeat several times and my wife and I no longer swear about this.

Ademola Adelakun


Recently, my ears have been hurting badly and my hearing has become worse. I read laudatory reviews about the Acuflex and ordered it. I did not expect a special result, but the next day after the start of the reception I felt that it became noticeably easier and my hearing was restored. I continue to drink these capsules.

Amina Okeke


These pharmacies only need our money. I have a friend who works as a pharmacist, so he just goes to the Maldives for all sorts!

Chidinma Adebayo


Thanks to Chijioke Okeke for this wonderful tool. I ordered for my husband 2 months ago. He had otitis after a cold. I began to drink capsules, and the pain and inflammation disappeared. And I am glad that he is no longer suffering, active and healthy.

Dapo Olumide


I ordered myself with a 50% discount, also through this draw! Although at first, I did not even believe that this happens. But no, everything is honest, they sent the drug.

Olufunke Adewale


A friend at work also praised Acuflex. She spoke very well of him. She said that first she cured her tinnitus, and then her mother’s deafness. He says that the pain has completely gone, better than from drops.

Folake Abiodun


I know, I know, it’s great! In recent years, I have already tried everything, procedures, drops, ointments – nothing helped. It’s good that my sister advised Acuflex. The pain has been taken away. But then there was no action such a pity. But now I will also take part, such a remedy should always be in the pharmacy.

Ifeoma Chukwu


Finally, I woke up without pain! Every day I thank Chijioke Okeke, I read about him and ordered his product. The pain is gone! I began to hear well, I can walk, and enjoy nature and sounds! It is a great happiness to just walk without discomfort. Thank you!

Babatunde Odumosu


Yes, nature is the best healer. My grandfather also said that chemistry only cripples us.

Abisola Oladele


Interesting. I’ll probably try too.

Oluwaseun Okeke


Great capsules! I have been drinking for only a week, and already my ears have stopped hurting.

Doyinsola Olajide


And my daughter ordered somewhere. Never believed in these modern means. But here I admit – nothing helped me better than Acuflex! Now I can hear everything and everyone.

Kemi Adeniran


I ordered myself a week ago. Yesterday already received directly to the door by courier. The tool was ordered at a discounted price as promised. Today I start to drink capsules, otherwise, both ears hurt terribly. Impossible to endure.

Ayodeji Adekunle


A hearing was severely debilitated. In recent years, the TV is turned on to the maximum, people need to scream for me to hear. I read a lot of good things about the medicine, but I was afraid to order. But in vain. Now I regret not using it sooner. The hearing became 100%, checked with a specialist.

Morenikeji Adeyemi


Yes, we have healing nature itself! My grandmother lived to the age of 97 and did not get sick, she was treated with some herbs, but she never went to doctors.

Omolara Ogunbanjo


I have been using Acuflex for almost a month and I am very pleased with the result. I have Meniere’s disease in the second stage, the doctors at the clinic said that all that can be done is to prevent the development of the disease further, but it cannot be cured. But now my condition is much better, and the noise and pain have disappeared! I will drink the capsules for another month, and maybe I will repeat the course just in case.

Chukwuma Okonkwo


Well, this is how much lawlessness this will continue! How much these impudent pharmacists will profit from us? It is incomprehensible to the mind to take away his discovery from a person. And set the house on fire! Creatures in one word! I just received the Acuflex myself, I start drinking, and then I’ll unsubscribe what’s like.

Olumide Adesina


The tool is just a delight! The pain in my ears was immediately relieved. I drank capsules every day and now I forgot that I was sick before! I checked it for myself – it works, do not hesitate.

Titilayo Oni


A couple of years ago, we cured my husband’s left ear, which had been noisy and inflamed for several years. They tried to treat him in different ways – drops, ointments and other things. No longer believing that the ear can be cured, they completed the Acuflex course. A few days later he felt better. Now everything is completely gone, he feels great, and his hearing is excellent!

Adewale Adegboye


Thanks for the info! And then I already live with otitis for a year. How I live … I rather exist. The infection hurts, and sometimes it gets worse so I climb the wall. Therapy starts right away. Any ointments and drops. They are all expensive drops, my pension is small. So I decided to try my luck and won a discount.

Olabisi Balogun


My ears got sick and noise appeared in them right in the garden. She went to a neighbour for help. She brought me a Acuflex. I drank the capsule and after 20 minutes it was gone. But since then, pain and tinnitus began to appear periodically. The neighbour said that I need to take a course. I ordered a course, and the pain and noise went away as if it had never happened. Now nothing disturbs and calmly work in the garden.

Ebele Uzodinma


Acuflex is an excellent remedy for otomycosis! Won a discount and ordered capsules. He noticed progress in the state of the ear)) I will take the entire course to finally get rid of the disease.

Ifeanyi Uche


First of all, I want to express my gratitude to the team of Acuflex creators for their wonderful invention! To be honest, at first, I was sceptical about it, as another “remedy for all diseases.” But after I began to live without pain and hear well, I can only thank the creators! For a month I forgot what earache is and how wonderful it is to hear everything and everyone. Now I feel completely healthy!

Ngozi Okorie


Bought your drug, which is used by the whole family. The ear pain has ceased to torment me. Thank you very much, God bless you and success in your noble work! Good luck to you, dear friends, the tool is good, take it you will not regret it!

Adebayo Ajayi


I have been drinking these capsules for the 3rd week, and the hearing returns very quickly, I did not hear anything at all. So far, the results exceed expectations, because at first, I did not believe that this was possible. But live a century, learn a century and do not be afraid to try and try!

Ijeoma Onyeka


I often listened to music with headphones. Without them, I do not go out and this has led to hearing loss and occasional earaches. I can’t refuse music in my headphones, but I can’t do anything either. I bought these capsules, I hope Acuflex will help me. I drink the third day, I feel much better. Hope it goes away soon. … Won a 50% discount, and it turned out very profitable)

Tunde Olufemi


After the Acuflex course, I felt much better, the pain disappeared, I can hear normally, and the tinnitus disappeared. I consider myself lucky to have found out about this tool. I’ve been using it for 2 months and the results are excellent.

Chinwe Ubah


I am 71 years old, I am very sick. Deafness and pain in the ears, which do not give me rest day or night, interfere with a calm and normal life. I thought it couldn’t be cured. But a friend brought me magazines and newspapers, and there I read an article about this wonderful specialist and his invention. And I purchased it. Started drinking as instructed. After about 2 weeks, the pain subsided and disappeared. I began to hear very well. I immediately called everyone and recommended Acuflex. I am very grateful to everyone involved! God bless you!

Okechukwu Ojukwu


I began to hear badly. It makes life very difficult. I recovered in 1.5 months with the help of these capsules.

Yetunde Awolowo


I read your reviews and want to believe them. I have stage 2 Meniere’s disease, tinnitus, poor hearing, and periodic dizziness. I don’t know, it probably won’t help me.

Chinedu Nwosu


Yetunde, with your stage of Meniere’s disease, you need two months, I have the same diagnosis, everything went away in 2 months.

Oyindamola Omotoso


Doctors have been treating my father for 3 years now. I hope Acuflex helps. Placed an order and the lady answered the phone. I will wait for a parcel.

Kolawole Adetokunbo


Thank you for the article. Very interesting. Doctors indeed prescribe things that don’t help. I’ve been trying to get my hearing back for 7 years now and have not much progress!

Yewande Oshodi


Took part in the Acuflex discount draw and ordered at a reduced price! The action was a pleasant surprise! Thanks for this promotion!

Temilade Adebowale


There was inflammation in the ears, some kind of infection got in, often tormented by pain, and could not do anything because of this. I suffered for 2 months. Acuflex helped and I began to feel relief after a couple of days of use, and after a week I was completely cured! I feel great. This is the best remedy of all. Now I keep it at home in the first aid kit, as soon as someone in the family has problems with ears, I will immediately use it! Now I recommend this tool to everyone!

Uchechukwu Okoro


I also have experience with hearing restoration and am also positive. Acuflex used a little over 10 days and felt a noticeable improvement. At one time, a doctor friend recommended this remedy to me.

Oluwafemi Adebisi


Thank you! I saw a plot on TV – the horror of what is happening, Chijioke Okeke, I wish you patience and everything will work out! Thank you for the information about the real working tool! I ordered through a discount draw, they called back a few minutes later on my mobile phone. The order was confirmed, and they promised to deliver within a week. This is my first time ordering online and it was so easy!

Kelechi Iheanacho


I already got it in the mail yesterday. I will use it. Affordable price! there would be more such manufacturers who do something for people, and not fill their pockets with our grief!

Adetoun P.


A colleague at work told me about this tool. Praised him very much.



Thank you, you are a real expert, by vocation, not like many others!


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