…..The police broke into Nurudeen’s room at Jaleyemi street around 2:00 a.m. in the presence of his wife and a six-month-old baby.



The father of a six-month-old baby was the second child of his mother and only son.

He was shot in the chest and died on the spot while trying to run for his life when the police entered his room in the wee hour.

His father died a few years after he was born in Popo area of Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, this development made him become the breadwinner of the family after his mother, Taibat Quadri, a labourer.

Nurudeen enrolled as an apprentice with a fashion designer, Oyetola Mumeen who trained him. The deceased was practising as a professional fashion designer in the Ogo-Oluwa area of Osogbo before he left the shop owing to an increment in rent.



Nurudeen till his death on Wednesday was sharing the same shop with his boss, Mumeen’s wife who is also a fashion designer.

Eyewitnesses accounts:

According to eyewitnesses, the officers, in mufti with nose covers, broke into a 16-room building.

Nurudeen’s neighbours narrated to Nigerian Tribune that the police broke into the house and were trying to force entry into every room in the house while looking for the deceased.

His wife said her late husband had a phobia of the police owing to various cases of harassment in the past.

“After shooting him dead, took his phone alongside mine. It was when the day broke that we started visiting different hospitals and later discovered his remains at Uniosun Teaching Hospital, Osogbo mortuary where the police dumped him.



“We were told that Nurudeen was not shot. They claimed that he fell while he jumped. We were also told Nurudeen was an ex-convict by the police, my husband had never been to the police station in her life and not been to court.”

Nurudeen Landlady, who identified herself as Mrs Rasheedat Ajibola said, “They broke the entrance door and were forcing entry into every room. “I was scared when they were hitting my door, I started urinating on my body. The police said they were looking for Alowonle and I told them no one is bearing the name but later said Nurudeen and I pointed to his room. They came with someone with handcuffs.

“When they opened his door and saw him, his wife and daughter, I heard “fire fire”. They tried to hit me with the butt of a gun while shouting at them not to kill him. Upon seeing them, Nurudeen jumped off from the window to the neighbouring building when they shot him.”



Mrs Ajibola continued that the police left the scene after the shootings but came back later to carry the corpse.



“We only know they are police officers and an anti-cultism squad with the inscription on their van.”

Nurudeen’s niece, Islamiyat Abubakar told Nigerian Tribune that the family saw the corpse of the deceased at Uniosun Teaching Hospital, Osogbo mortuary where the police dumped it.

According to her, “The police threatened to shoot us, pointing guns at protesting members of the family. They even said they would jail us. Why will you come to arrest someone in the middle of the night? This is unlawful” said Islamiyat Abubakar, the victim’s niece.

Efforts to reach the Police Spokesperson in Osun State, Yemisi Opalola proved abortive as she failed to answer several calls and text messages sent to her phone.

Nigerian Tribune understands that Nigerian police officers have for long been violators of human rights despite warnings from the IGP and the presidency.

They disrespect the rule of law, disregard for human rights of accused persons, carry out violent suppression of protest, infringement of fundamental rights, abuse discretionary power, and corruption.









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