A Nigerian Robotic Engineer,Dr. Olusola Ayoola has developed  a Carbon Emission Tracker(CET) Drone for aerial surveillance in detecting hideouts of criminals within caves and forest areas.


In an exclusive interview with the TechDigestng Dr.Ayoola,who is the founder of Robotic and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria(RAIN),an indigenous Artificial Intelligence firm based in Ibadan,Oyo State,revealed that criminal elements hiding in caves and forested areas cannot escape  the innovative capability of drone surveillance offered by  the carbon Emission Tracker Drone(CETD)



TechDigest: Can you give us your brief profile?


Dr. Ayoola: I studied in Nigeria at the University of Ibadan ,gained a first Class in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

I was granted a s holarsgip by the Nigerian Government to the UK where I  achieved a distinction in my Master’s Degree.


I also gained another scholarship by the UK government  to bag a Doctorate Degree in Robotics for Extreme Environments at the Robotics at the University of  Manchester.


I returned to Nigeria after working with a Robotics firm to address some  of the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning challenges

My mission was to set up the first-of -a-kibd  robotics and artificial intelligence facility in Nigeria that provides structured learning,certifications,research ,and product development for various sectors.  And we are just  doing that.


The facility has grown very well with private funding. A lot more can be achieved if supported.


But with what we  have put  on ground,we are fast -breaking barriers.


TechDigest: Give us details about the carbon Emission Tracker Drone you have invented?


Dr.Ayoola: The Carbon Emission Tracker Drone is a trailblazer in the sense  that it beats  several challenges faced in the concept of drone surveillance.


First if all,we must agree that  there is a great challenges of security  in our part of the world.

This insecurity has been narrowed down  to the difficulty  in detecting or accessing  hideouts of criminal elements.

With the use of  drone-based  aeriel surveillance,one could attempt  to video feeds from the skies which help track  the movement of activities of  criminals in  game deserves.

How about when  these footpaths lead into  a cave,or a forestedcanopy or an underground tunnel? What  can a military-grde drone-based camera see?There goes the challenge of geospatial intelligence gathering.

Also,note the challenges of military -grade camera.They  take ages to import. They  weigh  a lot on the front and subsequently tell on the flight time.

After being  challenged by the Minister of Youths and Sports who visited RAIN in 2020,researchers began to look into  how to best these limitations.


We discovered the Carbon  Emission Detection Based Aerial Surveillance which allows a drone  to sniff out hideouts through the carbon   their activities emit.


As long as human life exists in a forested location,there must be carbon emission,be it  under a cave, under a canopy or inside a bunker.


TechDigest: Have you or your firm participated in innovation challenge?


Dr.Ayoola: We are a very focussed research organization solving real problems


We do not seem to compete just  for the sake  of showcasing  capabilities,gaining medals,and financial prizes


However,we will not discourage our trainees from doing so. Yes ,some  have participated and won severally in their individual capacity


We have methods we adopt  to validsting our solutions prior to patenting.


So,we have  to be very careful in this regard.


TechDigest: What are the unique or major  features of your invention-Carbon Emission Detection Tracker Drone? How long can it stay in the air? What’s the battery lifespan?


Dr. Ayoola: Unfortunately,I will not be able to do ukgetechnical details  of the capability of the solution we have developed.

As you will agree,security is a major challenge here and all the advantage we can render to the architecture we will including  the confidentiality of Technical  Intelligence(Techint).

Once we begin  to disclose ,this be ones a weakness.


However,the assurance I can give is that whatever solution we provide will be complementary to the existing capability of any end-user.

TechDigest: How will the carbon Emission Tracker Drone benefit Nigerians,especially the security agencies?


Dr Ayoola: The benefit is huge. Take for example,the issue if kidnappings.


There has to be a Solution in sight .This novel solution cones with a barrage of  many other possibilities and insights into how we can bring back security to our dear nation and other countries in Africa.


We cannot overemphasize the role of  geospatial intelligence.


I always maintained  that wherever government cannot be physically present,the government intelligence must always  be.


We have huge game reserves all scattered  across the Nation.Even Sambisa forest used to be one.

With this new technology ,we can quickly  scan the entirety of our game reserves to generate  a real  msp of which spots of these hitherto  assumed uninhabited forests have suddenly  spiked up  in human activities.


If this is an indication of a criminal enclave rapidly developing across the country, then it helps us nip the growth  in the bud before it  becomes  another combactive force.

TechDigest: Has your Carbon Emission Tracker Drone been assessed by any Nigeria Regulatory  agencies ,particularly NITDA?

Dr.Ayoola: There has not been any contact from NITDA regarding  this solution. However,the awareness of this solution has been passed across to all relevant  national agencies.


Some have  made enquiries and are studying  this technology already .


TechDigest: Have you made efforts  to reach out to  any security agency for testing and  development or are you having any difficulty?


Dr Ayoola: I do not think there is any difficulty in that regard. To the best of mg knowledge,the current crop of leaders at the helms if affairs of our national security agencies have out  all cards on the table and are open to all possible solutions .


TechDigest: Please ,explain the kind of support you need from  the Federal Government?


Dr.Ayoola: I will need the Federal Government to weigh in on  the capability of RAIN. I mean Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria .


We need  to expand  physically,financially and technically  We do not  have all the resources which our counterparts in the USA and China have


If the government decided to fund RAIN ,I do not see how Nigeria won”t overtake  many countries.


Sometimes,all you need is willing followership,for good leaders to thrive .


At RAIN,we have the best crop of youths who have dedicated themselves and their talents to finding sutiobs to national problems.


TechDigest: Can you mention some of your inventions?


Dr Ayoola: We have invented solutions for management of the energy Sector  We have  developed a Modular Traffick System,that meaning that  ,for the first time in our country,we can have traffick lights for road users that are manageable  and can work.


We have invented artificial  Visionfor the blind We  have also developed for personal security,a wireless perimeter fencing  for private homes and for soldiers army the war front to save them  from ambush .


These are  to mention a few of what RAIN brings to the table. The least we expect be from government is direct funding through grants,not loans. It is possible.


We can get there if we reach the right office.


TechDigest: Some people are saying that partnerships with indigenous technology firms would be beneficial. What do you think about that suggestion?


Dr Ayoola: Partnerships are always great .But collaboration us greater


There is a thin-line between the two and we  must be fully aware of the distinction.


Away from semantics,RAIN, considering the many sectors we provide  solutions for, we are better poised to interface with other indigenous firms that have  a focus on each of these areas


This we can achieve through collaboration



Source: TechDigest.ng







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