Everybody on earth was born with potentials and every potential is God’s idea to make people great.

Innovators/inventors are those that have chosen the fulfillment of their potentials above every other thing. What gave them an edge over others or separated from the lot and revealed them to their environments and the world in general was their talents.

Michael Dell was admitted to study medicine in the University but abandoned medicine for computer at age 19. Information had it that Dell started ‘toying’ with computer at age 15 and gradually later became a renowned largest computer manufacturer.

This compilation of innovators /investors was put together to encourage and spur any potential human being gifted by God to rise to the occasion.

Oliver Wendell Hommes said,’’ What lies before us, what lies behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us’’

To make this more interesting, we have made the compilation to be in two-folds- foreign and local, Nigeria in particular.

                                                   FOREIGN INNOVATORS/INVENTORS

  1. EDISON, THOMAS ALVA(1847-1931) American

Thomas Edison patented his first invention at age 21: the tickertape machine that broadcast stock exchange data. He was famous for inventing sound recording, the light bulb, and movies. He built the first research laboratory, and thus invented a new way of inventing.

  1.  EHRLISH, PAUL  (1854-1915) German

Bacteriologist Paul Ehrlish was the first to propose that a drug could be a ’’ magic bullet’’, seeking out an organism causing disease. He found a cure for the then fatal sexually transmitted disease syphilis. He shared a Nobel Prize in 1908.

  1. FLEMING , ALEXANDER(1881-1955) Scottish

Bacteriologist Alexander Fleming was best known for his discovery of the first antibiotic drug. He was also the first to use a vaccine against typhoid

  1. CURIE, MARIE(1867-1934) Polish-French

Physicist Marie Curie found the element radium, and discovered the nature of radio-activity. She was the first woman to win Nobel Prize, sharing it with her husband Pierre and Henri Becquerel.Exposure to radiation eventually killed her.

  1. FRANNKLIN, BENJAMIN (1706-1790) American

Scientist and statesman, Benjamin Franklin carried out important electrical experiments and was responsible for many innovations and inventions,including the lightning conductor and bifocal spectacles. As a politician,he was most famous for his role in engineering America’s independence from Britain.

  1. FREUD SIGMUND (1856-1939 ) Austrian

Sigmund Freud pioneered the treatment of mental illness by analysis-drawing out buried thoughts through conversations with patients. Disputed at the time, his ideas are now widely accepted.

  1. LAND  EDWIN(1909-1991) American

Scientist and Industrialist Edwin Land became interested in polarized light while a student at Harvard University. In 1932, he demonstrated a method of making the anti-glare polarizing material now used in sunglasses and photographic filters. But his greatest success came in 1947 when he invented instant photography.

  1. MARCONI, GUGLIELMO (1874-1937) Italian

Physics student Guglielmo Marconi began experiments with radio when he was twenty. Within a year, he had sent messages more than a mile. He moved to Britain to perfect and patent his invention, and in 1901, he sent the first radio messages across the Atlantic. He shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909. On his death, radio stations worldwide honoured him by broadcasting two minutes silence.

  1. NEWTON,ISAAC(1642-1727)  English

Scientist and Mathematician, Isaac Newton was 23 when the sight of a fallen apple gave him his ideas about gravity. His later writings on science and mathematics were works of genius, and few would deny that Newton was one of the greatest scientists of all time. He published his most important work on gravity and moving objects, Principia in 1687, and the following year he invented a practical reflecting telescope.

  1. STEPHENSON, GEORGE(1781-1848) English

Stephenson taught himself to read, and moved from stoking steam engines to building them. His locomotive locomotion hauled the world’s first passenger train. He went on to reverse the expansion of the English Railway network.

 Idowu Julius: Source- In The Beginning…..by Richard Platt

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