1. 40 Terrorists’ Logistics Suppliers Arrested by MNJTF


Everyday is for the thief , but one day is  for the owner says an adage. The Multinational Joint taskforce (MNJTF) on Tuesday, said  the joint troops of sector  3 (Monguno)on 11 October 2022, arrested 40 terrorist logistics suppliers.



In a statement by Kamarudeen Adegoke, Lieutenant  Colonel , Chief of  ,Military  Public Information  Office , Chad , N’Djamena, said  the success  was  because of  an intelligence –led operation  conducted  on a suspected  supply route.


According to him,  during the operations 64 bags  of beans, two bags  of maize, and other large quantities of food items , which were being  conveyed  to the terrorists’  den , were intercepted .



Also, another300 bags of beans and 100 bags of corn were discovered  and destroyed  in Situ by  the troops.





The statement  added  that on  October 11 2022, troops of  68batallion  on joint patrol with the civilian  Joint Task Force(CJTF) along Mallam Matori- Bandamari –Bari-Korarawon axis discovered  and confiscated  12 bags of fish and nine donkeys  suspected to be used  in lifting supplies  to the terrorists hiding  in the Lake Chad basin area.


Lieutenant Colonel  Kamarudeen said, that on 11 October 2022, troops of 68 Batallion  on joint patrol with  the Civilian  Joint Task Force(CJTF) along  Mallam Fatori-Bandamari-Bari-Korarawon  axis, discovered and confiscated 12 bags of fish  and nine donkeys  suspected for ferrying  supplies to the  terrorists hiding  in the Lake Chad  basin area.

He said, the Force Commander  MNJTF. Major General  Abdul Khalifah  Ibrahim , has commended  the troops and  urged them  to maintain the momentum to cut off  any supply  to the criminals to ensure  the complete  restoration  of peace  and security  in the Lake Chad Basin Region.














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