The former Central  Bank (CBN)  Governor and also the former Emir of Kano, Alhaji  Sanusi(11) , on Sunday night said, that he was not interested to contest the 2023 presidency.

This was revealed by Sanusi at the 60th  birthday dinner organized for him by the Nigerian platform,(NP) in Abuja.  Sanusi said,’’ I never hid the fact that my ambition was to be Emir of Kano. In fact, I have never hidden my intentions about anything. So, if  I say  I am not interested in politics, it is because  Iam not interested in politics.’’

‘’If  I want to go into politics, I will come out and say I am contesting for the President of Nigeria. I am a Nigerian but I am not interested. This is because  I haven’t prepared  myself  for politics.’’

In response to his guests’ suggestion at the occasion that he would be supported if he signifies his interest to contest for presidency in 2023, Sanusi says:’’ I had prepared myself for a long time for academic life, I prepared myself for the Emir, I prepared myself for banking and finance but I have no one day experience in politics.  You can’t jump into politics, you learn’’.

The  Ex-Emir of Kano expressed gratitude to God saying that he has been fortunate enough to realize his life ambition.  According to Sanusi,’’ I have been fortunate.  I have highs and lows in life but I have been on a permanent high. I have so much to thank God for at 60 years. I wouldn’t say  I have achieved, but favours have been bestowed upon me.’’.

‘’If you are a  chief risk officer of a bank like UBA and First Bank and successfully  ended your career there, you will consider yourself a fully accomplished banker and you will be happy.’’

Now, to be that and to have been the only Northern Nigerian CEO at First Bank in 125 years, then to have been the Emir of Kano, then to have been the  Khalifa Tijjaniya in Nigeria.’’.

The title started in  1965 and I’m the third holder of that title. The first was my grandfather, Isiaka Rabiu, and then myself. I have nothing but gratitude to offer’’.

The former CBN Governor says fear and greed are the two vices that destroy the nation.

In his words, ’’the idea of the Nigerian Platform was formed because of the desire to be part of Nigeria’s solution.

‘’Two things destroy the country: fear and greed. If you can conquer those, we will make this country a great country’’.

When asked what he has been doing since he vacated the Emir of Kano’s seat, he said,’’ I started my life as an academic at Ahmadu Bello University(ABU), Zaria and I abandoned it and went into banking.

‘’ I went into banking and I  became an Emir. I want to complete that loose ends in my life. So, I have applied and I have been admitted and by September   I am writing my thesis on the codification of Muslim Family  Law as an instrument of Social reform’’.




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