There is nothing that God cannot do. Such is the interesting story of a 100 –year –old grandmother who has welcomed her great-great-granddaughter-the first girl to be born into the family after five generations.






After 75 years of the Smith family only having boys, Gwen Smith first met baby Maeva at her home, Dene Holm Residential Care Home, Northfleet, Kent.






The Smiths watched in delight as the 100 –year-old held Maeva on her lap. both wearing matching pastel pink.






Speaking on the big day, Gwen’s family said, ‘’it was a special occasion to get all five generations together, particularly during the pandemic.




‘’Strict protocols are still in place but the home’s manager, Chris, permitted the visit for which  we are all extremely grateful.’’





Gwen, who is due to turn 101 next month, is already  a grandmother to five generations, eight  great-grandsons,  and six step great-grandsons, and is extremely  proud  to meet the latest addition to the Smith family





While her cataracts mean she can no longer see well, her family said she was still tremendously happy to meet little Maeva.




Gwen’s own life story is also rather heart-warming. She was born in Essex on 28 February 1921 and then moved to Gravesend, where she became a keen dancer, performing at local events while working at her father’s seed merchant shops in Kent.





She met her husband Ron, at just 16, when he was an apprentice electrician at Blue  Circle Cement Works. But the  World Wa 11 sadly separated the pair, with Ron sent overseas to serve with the Royal Engineers.





They had married at the height of the war in 1940 after Ron was granted special leave –albeit for just eight hours-while stationed at the Isle of Grain. They then had to wish each other farewell for as long as five years.





However, all was not lost, as they reunited after the war, and finally got to enjoy many years of happy marriage, while traveling, and bringing up their two daughters, Gloria and Sandra, the latter being the last girl to be born in the family since 1947 until baby  Maeva of course.







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