A human rights lawyer, Ebun Olu Adegboruwa, SAN, has  revealed  what he described  as the grave  implications  of the APC Muslim-Muslim Ticket./



The Human Right Activist had earlier in a statement to BarristerNG condemned the choice of APC Muslim-Muslim ticket for the 2023 Presidential Election urging Nigerians to vote them out.


Reacting further  on Tuesday, Adegboruwa  outlined 10 grave implications  of the APC Muslim-Muslim Ticket  to include:


  1. Others don’t matter. Shows an absence of consideration for unity and plurality.
  2. Desperation and over-ambition. We just want power at all costs and don’t care what others think or do.
  3. We can win the elections without you, especially by other means other than by open ballot.
  4. It is a cruel affirmation of the supposed superiority complex. That only one region determines elec- toral   That the presidential candidate of the APC  is not acceptable to Northern Muslims.
  5. It is an indication of a hidden agenda. The spirit of Hope 93 died with MKO and those who betrayed him and his mandate.  May Boko Haram, terrorists, insurgents, their sponsors, and sympathizers not win the 2023 elections.
  6. 6That Nigeria is not a secular state but rather being ruled to satisfy certain religious tendencies.
  7. That the APC has absolute control of the electoral system and thus electoral victory may not be determined through free, fair, and credible elections.
  8. Certain political tendencies and interests do not trust others to accommodate them if they are entrusted with power, whereas, they have been in power and accommodated others.
  9. That the APC Presidential candidate has no mind of his own and he will be unable to defend the unity of Nigeria in crucial moments of decision making.
  10. That the APC is incompetent to manage a complex nation like Nigeria with diverse interests, different tongues and tribes, and consisting of different faiths.
















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