The 9th of October,2016 marked The World Post Day . In Osogbo, The State of Osun Capital,a mini but eventful ceremony organized by the management of NIPOST in the territory witnessed an interactive lecture delivered by the District Postal Manager, Mr. Oso Jayeola Olusola.

The theme of the paper delivered by Mr. Oso entitled-”SERVICING A NEW SOCIETY:DELIVERING BEYOND DOORSTEPS” was very educative and informative.

In his speech, Mr. Oso traced the advent of The Universal Postal Union(UPU) which was established on October 9th 1874 precisely 142 years ago  in Swiss Capital-Bern,allowing the Post to deliver to the world.

Information creates awareness. Apart from the traditional ways of postal delivery, Mr. Oso did not forget to bring to the fore some major NIPOST products and services such as :Postage Stamps,Stamp Duties,EMS and Parcel Post,Bulk Post,Haulage/Cargo, Philatelic Service, P.O. BOX and P.M.B. subscriptions, renewal Parcel Posts,Post Cash,Premises,Agency Service, Post Shop,sales of  Post Office ID CARD and Pick-up Services.


The District Postal Manager,NIPOST Osogbo in his speech, called for positive attitudinal change as a vital antidote to sustain NIPOST good services.Hear him,”What does a customer wants from NIPOST(workforce)? Trust,reliable,affordable services and satisfaction”.”When we deliver promptly to the addressee,we make customers happy, the delivery will turn to revenue, more patronage,increase in awareness of the service delivery,and this will make NIPOST remain in business”.

He ended his lecture by making a poser-that the Post must continuously transform and find new ways to go beyond delivering to customers doorsteps.

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