Women are of different types in character, dispositions and outlook.

Women are also intelligent and caring if they choose to be.

Here are a few biblical female characters. You would do yourself a favour to pick your type(s) of a woman you are truly is:

*Eve – They go away from their husband’s presence to listen to deceit from the enemy; brings it into their matrimonial homes, download to their husbands same deceitful lies and make him fall.*

*Sarah – The one whose faith in God and her husband rises and falls, who through impatience makes their husbands to break marital vows.*

*Lot’s wife- The one who enjoys worldliness, and will always look back even when her husband is leading her on the path of righteousness.*

*Rebecca- The humble one at the beginning but tricky owing to favoritism.*

*Rachel- The one who yells at her husband when she doesn’t get what she wants.*

*Deborah- The fearless one who stands up for the family even when all hope is lost.*

*Delilah- The one who is subtle and always ready to destroy her husband at all cost.*

*Hannah- The one who has the spirit of patience and is also prayerful.*

*Ruth- The one who is humble, focused, resilient and submissive to her husband.*

*Job’s wife – They are always quick to give their husbands bad ideas to offend God when their husbands experience challenges*

*Jezebel- The one who possess the spirit of witchcraft, having deceitful means to luring her husband to do evil and

has the final say over decisions in the home.*

*Athaliah – This type of woman can kill for anything, she loves evil and has good grades in giving bad counsel to her children.*

*Esther- The one whose weapon to win her husband heart is her beauty, fasting and faith.*

*Gomer – The one who posses the spirit of promiscuity, never ashamed of tarnishing the name of her husband.*

*Mary – They are humble, introverts, they have faith that the impossible can happen and they are good home keepers.*

*A woman is simplified as these…*

*She should be 👇👇👇*
*W- A Waiter*
*O- An Organiser*
*M- A Manger*
*A- An Arranger*
*N – A Nourisher*

*Do we she still  have worthy, virtuous, and spirit-filled women in this generation at all?*

*Happy Women’s Day🎉*

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