Ahead of the next year’s governorship contest, different categories of workers in Osun State are already taking their turns to endorse  Governor Adegboyega Oyetola for another term.


On Wednesday, workers under the aegis of Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees(NULGE), openly declared their support for the Governor, announcing publicly that they would” Vigorously  Campaign” for his victory.


Their support is coming barely a week after the teachers, under the aegis of the Nigerian Union of Teachers(NUT), also endorsed the Governor, using the platform of the world Teachers’ Day.


Speaking at a 3-Day  Retreat organized by the Osun branch of NULGE, the Union President, Comrade Kehinde Ogungbangbe, said since the coming of the Governor three years ago, workers’ children no longer suffer any kind of deprivation as salaries now come in regularly.


He noted that they are aware of enemies both within and without but said that the God who saw to the victory of the Governor against all odds in 2018 is still the same God that would deliver victory to the Governor in 2022.


”Mr Governor, Sir, I want to say with utmost sincerity that we are highly fortunate to have you as our father and Governor. Your level  of humility and milk of kindness have brought peace and stability  to our union  in particular and the State  in general.Osun State is no more in the news for the wrong reasons. We are happy  to be associated with you. The Almighty God will continue to be with you .


”Your Excellency, we are quite aware of the forthcoming 2022 governorship election  in the State. We are  not unaware  of lies and cries  of numerous opposition both within and without. Your Excellency, we are also quite aware  that God who gave yoy victory against all odds in 2018 is still on the throne. Your God is not sleeping. We  will support you  and campaign  vigorously  for your victory, come next year,”the union leader said.


Also speaking, the National  President of the Union, Comrade Akeem Ambali, who conferred  the honour of Patron  of Union , South -West Zone and the  award of  Labour -Friendly Governor for the South-West on Oyetola, noted that the workers in the State are not ingrates. He said they would  reciprocate the Governor’sgesture handsomely during the election.


He commended the Governor  for putting an end to what  he termed part-payment of salaries of workers  and enjoined  him to remain  focused as workers would become his foot soldiers and would  help correct some of the misinformationbeing spread  by the opposition.


Earlier, the Osun NLC Chairman, Comrade Jacob Adekomi, extolled the Governor for continuosly putting smiles on  the faces of workers  in the State as manifested  in the regular payment of  salaries and pensions among other emoluments.


Adekomi, who declared workers’support  and solidarity to the Governor and his Administration, said,”Anyone following the trend  of things in Osun concerning the welfare of workers will not but give kudos  to Governor Oyetola for redefining, repositioning and transforming the lives of workers.


”Any worker that follows this trend, particularly between 2015 and 2018 vis-a-viz what we earned  then and what we are earning now in terms of  full salaries payment will agree with me  that there is no need  to change the winning team. The Governor       has kindled and restored our collective hope.


”If a man that has given us succour, put put smiles on our faces  and relieved our pains is asking us for support , there is  no need to negotiate his return  because he has made us proud  and we are  resolute  to ensure his re-election . We are  ready to give him absolute support  to ensure his second term. We will canvass for him irrespective     of what people  say because  when Osun workers were suffering , we were the ones that were condemning it,” Adekomi stated.


Responding, Oyetola who declared the Retreat open,  thanked the union  leaders and members for the honour done him and charged  the Local Government Staff to cooperate with the Council Chairmen to develop the economy at that level.


”I was invited to declare this Seminar open. I did not know I wa an awardee. I thank you  for the award. I t will certainly spur me to do more.,”


Speaking  on the theme of the Retreat,”Labour Leaders and Unionism in Depraved Economy”, Oyetola said  it was a call on workers  and officials in the local governments to prove to the world  that they have the capacity  to deal with challenges and turn the State’s economy around.


He further said,”Revitalising a depraved  economy answers to knowledge, strategy  and political/ collective will.


”Labour leaders and Unions must therefore, under the circumstances, rally  their members to collaborate with the government to think  solution. Local Government Unions  must constitute themselves into  co-think tanks and faithful implementers of policies for collective good.


”Our Administration has demonstrated capacity  and resolve  to turn  the economy of  the State  around  through  employment of workable  econonic strategies, including the convocation of Economic and Investment Summit, unleashing  of infrastructure architechture to stimulate  socio-economic development, empolyment of transparent  governance and a strong political will.


”Within two years of convoking the summit, we  have flagged off four business and trade concerns and several  others are in the offing. We  are also positioning our critical  sectors, including Agriculture, Tourism and Mining, to radically transform  our economy  and make good our resolve to make Osun  the economic  hub of the South-West.


”Osun workers have been critical  players in these initiatives. I urge you  all as local govenment workers  and officials to extend the same  level of cooperation  and commitment to the local government chairmen and councillors to transform  the economies of local governments  and consequently  our dear State.


”Let us all join hands together to amplify  our conviction that it is possible  to deliver prosperity  and good governance  in a democracy without inflicting  more hardship on the people in a depraved economy”.


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