…says “because I spent much in educating him”

Wonders shall never cease. This is a gory story of an African Mother (47) who unbelievably married her 30 year’s old Son in Malawi.



 This Unusual Marriage Sparks Controversy as Mother Weds Son in Defiance of Biblical Prohibitions

A woman named Njemani (47) has stirred controversy by marrying her own son(30), justifying her unconventional choice by claiming she invested a substantial amount of money in his education.

The shocking union has drawn attention not only for its unusual nature but also for the religious implications associated with inbreeding, as outlined in certain biblical passages.



The act of incest is explicitly condemned in the Hebrew Bible, refers to sexual relations between closely related individuals, a taboo addressed in various passages such as Leviticus 18:6-18, 20:11-21, and Deuteronomy.

Leviticus 18:6, for instance, unequivocally prohibits sexual relations with family members, emphasizing the disgrace brought upon one’s father by engaging in intimate acts with one’s mother or any of his other wives.

Leviticus 20:14 takes a more severe stance, prescribing death by burning for a man who marries both a woman and her mother, deeming such a union a shameful act that should not be tolerated.

These biblical prohibitions form the basis for the moral and religious objections raised against Njemani’s unconventional marriage to her own son.

In a publication in a Malawian newspaper, Njemani defended her controversial decision by asserting that she invested a considerable sum of money in her son’s education.

Her rationale for marrying him was rooted in a desire to ensure that the fruits of her labor and financial commitment did not benefit another woman.

In her own words, “Why should another woman marry him and enjoy the hard work I invested in him? That will not happen. I am marrying my child so we don’t entertain other women who have been cutting off.”

This extraordinary marriage has sparked heated debates within the community, with opinions sharply divided on the ethical, moral, and religious dimensions of Njemani’s actions.

While some may view it as a radical manifestation of maternal protection, others argue that it blatantly disregards widely accepted societal norms and religious teachings.

The intersection of personal choices, financial investment, and religious convictions makes this case a complex and controversial subject, prompting a reassessment of societal values and the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

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