Russia was hit with tragic news w that its 21-year-old  soldier had been convicted to life in prison. This situation has elicited a large range of reactions on social media.



The Russian Soldier was sentenced to life in prison in Ukraine’s first war crime s trial after a Russian Soldier was arrested for shooting a civilian to death in Ukraine.

According to reports, the Russian soldier admitted to a Ukrainian court on  Monday that during  Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine, he shot and killed a 62-year –old civilian.





The Russian soldier’s case is the first to be heard in court following  Russia’s attack in Ukraine, which resulted in the death of many people and the destruction of property.


According to  CNN, a Ukrainian citizen was shot in the village of Chupaklvka in the sunny region’s northwestern region.




The Siberian –born Russian soldier told the court that he followed orders from his commanders.




During the hearing, the soldier expressed regrets for his acts in Ukraine, but the prosecution demanded life in jail.



Meanwhile,  the soldier’s defense has requested an acquittal from the court, claiming that the man was simply following instructions from his superior.




However, this development has received mixed reactions from Netizens.





Have a look  at some of the Reactions Below:


  • Yandy Gilson commented- ‘’Nobody win in this scenario. It’s very unfortunate and sad. Putin should be in Jail, these soldiers were ordered by him. Go after  the head  of the reason  for the war.





  • Kristina Telge –‘’ There are two victims. The actual one and this boy. Shame on Putin for even ruining his own peoples’ lives and totally destroying  Russia’s  No matter how this terrible  and unnecessary war ends, one thing is for sure, he will miss all his goals and is far from making his nation a great one’’.







  • Elizabeth Ovr-‘’ How many innocent people do bombs kill? All war is criminal! How many unharmed  Palestinians Civilians has  Israel killed? Recently, a female Journalist. I’m  all for trying people  and sentencing  them for  their crimes but let’s  call all war crimes  out on everyone,  including    Certain countries get  away with  it, and no one  except  human rights activists bat an eye’



Source: CNN/AFP





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