Six Nigerians and 47 others  are among the list of terrorism sponsors named by the United Arab Emirates(UAE)

The State-owned news agency WAM made this known in a report.

The country said, the listed individuals and entities, including their affiliations, are being monitored.

The Nigerians named are: Abdurrahaman do Musa, Salisu Ysuf Adamu, Bashir  Ali Yusuf, Muhammed Ibrahim Isa, Ibrahim Ali Alhassan and Surajo Abubakar Muhammad.

‘’The UAE Cabinet  has issued Resolution No 83 of 2021, designating 38 individuals  and 15 entities on  its approved list of persons and organizations supporting  terrorism (Local Terrorist List)

‘’The resolution underscores the UAE’s authorities monitor and identify any individuals or entities affiliated with or associated with any financial commercial or technical relationship and take the necessary measures according to the laws in force in the country in less than 24 hours ‘’, the report read.

Full List of added individuals;

(1). Ahmed Muhammed Abdulla, Muhammed Alshaiba Almaimi (UAE)

(2.)Muhamed Saqer Yousif Alzaabi(UAE)

(3) Hamad Muhammed Rahmah Humaid Alshamsi(UAE)

(4)Saeed Naser Saeed Naser Atteneiji(UAE)

(5) Hassan Hussain Tabaja (Lebanon)

(6) Adham Hussain Tabaja (Lebanon)

(7) Muhammed Ahmed Musaed Saeed(Yemen)

(8) Hayder Habeeb Ali (Iraq)

(9)  Basim Yousuf Hussein  Alshaghanbi(Iraq)

(10) Sharif Ahmed Sharif Ba Alawi(Yemen)

(11)Manoj Sabharwal Om Prakash(India)

(12) Rashed Saleh Saleh Al Jarmouzi(Yemen)

(13) Naif Nasser Saleh  Aljarmozi (Yemen)

(14) Zubiullah Abdul Qahir Durani (Afghanistan)

(15) Suliman Saleh Salem Aboulan (Yemen)

(16) Adel Ahmed Salem Obaid Ali Badrah(Yemen)

(17)Ali Nasser Alaseeri (Saudi Arabia)

(18) Fadhl Saleh SalemAltayabi (Yemen)

(19) Ashur  Omar Ashur Obaidan(Yemen)

(20) Hazem Mohsen  Farhan+Hazem Mohsen Al Farhan (Syria)

(21) Mehdi Azizollah Kiasati(Iran)

(22)Farshad Jafar Hakemzadeh (Iran)

(23) Seyyed Reza Muhammad Ghasemi(Iran)

(24)Mohsen  Hassan Kargarhodjar Abadi(Iran)

(25) Ibrahim Mahmood Ahmed Muhammed(Iran)

(26)Osama Housen  Dughaem(Syria)

(27) Abdurrahaman Ado Musa(Nigeria)

(28)Salihu  Yusuf Adamu (Nigeria)

(29) Bashir Ali Yusuf (Nigeria)

(30)Muhammed Ibrahim  Isa(Nigeria)

(31)Ibrahim  Ali Alhassan(Nigeria)

(32) Surajo Abubakar Muhammed (Nigeria)

(33) Alaa Khanfurah-Alaa Abdulrazzaq Ali Khanfurah-Alaa Alkhanfurah (Syria)

(34)  Fadi Said Kamar (Great Britain)

(35)  Walid Kamel Awad ( Saint Kitts and Nevis)

(36)  Khaled Walid Awad (Saint Kittsand Nevis)

(37) Imad Khallak Kantakdzhi (Russia)

(38)Mouhammad Ayman Tayseer Rashid Marayat (Jordan)

This is the full list of added  entities:

  • Ray Tracing Trading Co LLC
  • HFZA Arzoo International FZE
  • Hanan Shipping LLC
  • Four Corners Trading Est
  • Sasco Logistic LLC
  • Aljarmouzi General Trading LLC
  • Aljarmoozi Cargo and Clearing (L.L.C)
  • Aljarmoozi Transport-By Heavy and Light Trucks(LLC)
  • Naser Aljarmouzi General Trading (LLC0
  • Naser Aljarmouzi Cargo and Clearing(LLC)
  • Wave Tech Computer LLC
  • NYBI Trading FZE
  • KCL General Trading FZE
  • Alinma Group
  • Al-Omgy and Bro Money Exchange



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