Marriage is a union between a mature man and woman. It is a mutual agreement between the couple to build a home that  they desire to have and that is expected to last  for the rest of their lives.


However, for a marriage to last as God’ wants it to  be , there are some basic ingredients that must be put in place and some  enemies of a marriage that must be done away with.


Here are ten ( 10)things that you  must avoid in your marriage:


1.Bad  Friends- Avoid bad friends , they can  ruin your home



  1. Lying tongues-Do not lie to your spouse, speak the truth all the time



  1. Envy- Don’t envy your spouse. Envy has destroyed so many marriages



  1. Anger-Don’t get angry with your spouse over trivial  matters. Be angry but sin not.



  1. Pride- The bible says ’’pride goes before a fall-(proverbs-16:18) Both spouse  must learn how to apologise  when necessary..



  1. Selfishness- Don’t be selfish, always put your spouse first


  1. Evil family pattern- when there is evil family pattern , deal with it by engaging in deliverance  and spiritual  warfare



  1. Looking for ego boosts outside  your marriage- Beware  of leaning on others beyond  your marriage  as primary source  for love, value and respect.



  1. Neglecting to talk openly with each other – If you only talk  to your spouse about bills and household  chores ,  you may be  sliding into  trouble. Holding on on your thoughts and feelings  do not enhance  transparency  in your relationship. Practice the art of small talk that can open  the door  to deeper sharing.



  1. Resisting conflict resolution-Every couple  runs into  communication rough  spots. Don’t  build walls  between  you and your spouse. Some people  mask their hurts, while others  spew their emotions. Neither  method  is constructive-that is  relational road blocks. Unresolved conflict  leads  to isolation  and leaves  you vulnerable  to fleeing your  marriage.



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