Mr Karounwi Oladapo, the publicity secretary of the APC in South-West Nigeria, has been cautioned chiding the National Leader of the APC, Senator Bola Hammed Tinubu on his purported Presidential ambition come 2023. Tinubu Support Group(TSG) had accused Oladapo and his cohorts of fanning embers of discord within the APC. Oladapo in his opinion prefers Governor Fayemi Kayode who is having the age on his side and would not be up to 70 years old by 2023 and therefore could succeed president Buhari.

Hear him ’’Our national leader, highly respected senator, Tinubu, I love him because he has paid his dues but the fact remains that by 2023, he will be above 70 years of age. I cannot in all good conscience support that even if my father or mother is contesting for president and they are above 70 by 2023, I will not support them. Dr Kayode  Fayemi that I am advocating  is 55 years of age, a senior youth within the bracket of the ‘sorosoke’ generation, that is number one’’.

Among other reasons he gave is that it is not proper for a Muslim to succeed a Muslim since President Buhari is a Muslim as well as Senator Tinubu. He said that no Muslim has ever succeeded a Muslim according to his analyses in the Nigeria political register.

On the contrary, the Head of Media and Publicity of Tinubu Support Group (TSG)Oluwatosin Johnson, accused Oladapo of mischief.  Johnson says,’’  without sentiments, President Muhammad Buhari is no doubt the greatest president Nigeria ever had, yet he is in his 70s therefore, the saying Tinubu will become 70 by 2023 and too old for the exalted office of the president is foolish and myopic.’’ The US  today elected a president they believe could make their nation great again but Nigeria is still looking at age as barriers for our leaders even though US  president-elect is 78 years old..

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