Carl Marx, the Marxist Philosopher says’ Philosophers have interpreted the world, but the problem is how to change it’

Elections are coming and rapidly campaigns are at high gear in most States of the Nation. Everybody wants to be our leader. 2023 is just around the corner and sleepless nights are the order of the day with a view to taking over the Aso Rock by hook or crook-I Hope it will not be a do-or-die affair now?

HEAVENS on earth are being promised and money has started changing hands. Some are not even spending our Naira denominations but rather Euros, Pounds, Yen, Dollars, and what have you. They are promising the moon!

In the past, we had in this country people of integrity who will not bring any money to your doorsteps for you to vote for them during elections. They have ideologies. All they do was tell the electorates their policies or manifestos and with doggedness, they strived to fulfill their promises.


Not only in Nigeria, but in other African countries. Some of them were out to serve the people and not the agitation for the third term or fourth term.


What did all, but one of them have in common that made them be remembered for their good heart for the people?


Please join me as you read from their stable before their demise.


Please read, and have a deep sober reflection before you cast your vote reasonably or unreasonably.


Please be aware, that even one of them in this collection was a military man, yet despite his alleged brutality, he was blunt, to tell the truth.


Nigerian politicians have always interpreted the Nigerian system of governance but have they really changed the Nation for the better?



God saves Nigeria.

By TheInterviewsNigeria

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