..we have left everything  in the hands of God



As a result of the gruesome murder of their daughter, Deborah  Samuel, the parents of the slain student have vowed that their remaining seven children will not attend school again.



Deborah, a 200-level student of Shehu  Shagari  College of Education, Sokoto was recently lynched by her fellow students for allegedly blaspheming  Prophet Muhammed.




Speaking with The Punch in an interview, Emmanuel Garba, Deborah’s father, who is a security guard with the Niger State  Water and Sanitation, said he paid N120,000 to transport the remains of his daughter from Sokoto State to Niger State.





He said,’’I have yet to get a call or message from anyone concerning the incident. Nobody called me; I decided to go on my own. I went to the State  CID (Criminal Investigation Department) office and begged them to help me get the corpse so I could bury it because leaving it there might make it decompose.




Then, they took me to the mortuary, did some paperwork, and released the remains to me’’.




‘’I was the one who paid to transport the remains. I was  charged N120,000which  I was  forced to pay  because that was the cheapest  I got as the majority of people  don’t like  transporting corpses.’’




The parents of the slain student also said they left everything in the hands of God, adding that they don’t want anything from the government.




‘’We are not seeking redress in any court over the killing of our daughter. We are firm believers in Christ who always leave everything in the hands of  God. No vengeance, nothing. Everything is left to our Creator.





‘’We don’t want anything but it is just unfortunate that we used all our resources to send her to school and now she is dead. She was my eldest child and I  have seven others left’’.




Asked what she wants the government to d for the family, Deborah’s  mother, Alheri Emmanuel,’’I   have no demands; I don’t  want anything but one thing  I know  is that my children will never go to school again.’’




Meanwhile, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has called on every Christian parent across the Northern  States to discourage sending their children to any school in Sokoto State.





The Association  in a statement warned  the people whose faith permits them to kill to please  their God  to exercise  restraint  because ‘’those who tried  it in Egypt and their experiences should be enough warning.’’




‘’While CAN does not and will not encourage casting aspersions on any religion or religious leaders of any faith, CAN  frowns on hiding under the gab of any religious extremism to perpetrate any form of criminality against her members, especially in Northern Nigeria.




‘’God Almighty is not and can never be a weak God for mere mortals to fight and defend Him. On the contrary, it is He who keeps watch and defends us.



CAN believes that life is sacred and must never be taken by another unless as directed by the State.,’’ the statement reads in part.




CAN also advised Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto  State and President  Muhammadu Buhari to demonstrate political will and capacity to bring the perpetrators of this criminality to justice.

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