It’s a sad day for instant noodle lovers in Indonesia and all around the world as we mourn the passing of Nunuk Nuraini, the inventor of Indomie’s various flavors. She was 59 years old.

News of her death was announced by Indofood, the company behind the beloved instant noodles.

‘’Ibu Hajjah Nunuk Nuraini passed away (yesterday) and returned peacefully to Allah’’.

Indofood Spokeswoman Nurlita Novi Arlaida said, without specifying her case of death.

Nunuk, a graduate of Padjadjaran University’s(Unpad) food technology department in Bandung, West Java, worked as a flavor development manager at Indofood’s instant noodle division for nearly thirty years.

Several of her tasty creations for indomie include Indonesian traditional flavors such as Soto, rending, chicken curry, and Sambal matah, as well as the OG mie goring(fried noodles)

It’s only apt to say that indomie mie goring is a source of pride for any Indonesian with an irreplaceable flavor that always satisfies our noodles-loving hearts. Indomie is also known and enjoyed by people in more than80 countries around the world, such as Nigeria-where it has become a household name- as well as Australia and the US, to name a few.

Back in November 2019, Los Angeles  Times named Indomie’s barbeque chicken flavor as the best noodle in its ‘’official instant ramen power rankings’’ while the OG mie goveng  was placed 10th.

In 2017, Nunuk enjoyed some deserved positive media exposure after West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil hailed her as the ‘’hero for the KOS(boarding  house) kids.’’ In his Instagram post as the instant noodle is a popular, tasty, and affordable meal for students.

Indonesians have since taken to social  media to express their grief and gratitude to Nunuk

Source- Coconuts Jakarta


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