An Alabama woman was stripped, tortured and forced to perform sex acts on gang of four men and four women before being shot in back of the head in sickening kidnapping and murder that they filmed, cops say.

Mahogany Jackson, 20, was stripped, handcuffed, beaten, spit on and forced to perform sex acts at gunpoint in a Birmingham apartment before being shot in the back of the head on Sunday February 25.

Her torturers were four men and four women, according to prosecutors.

How The Crime Unfolded
Around 8am on February 25 Jackson messaged family members to say she was being held hostage in apartment 3 at Serenity Apartments in southwest Birmingham.

The mother’s body was found in the early-morning hours the next day under a mattress at an illegal dump site in the 1700 block of Laurel Avenue that is known as ‘Dead Man’s Road.’

Videos of the torture and assaults were taken by several of the perpetrators before Jackson, who leaves behind a three-year-old daughter, was killed.

Giovonnie Clapp, Blair Green, Teja Lewis, Sinya McCall and Airana Robinson have been charged with felony murder, first-degree kidnapping and first-degree sodomy. They were denied bond at a hearing on Monday.

Jeremiah McDowell, 18, Francis Harris, 25, and Brandon Pope, 24, have been charged with first-degree kidnapping and capital murder. They are also being held without bond.

Authorities said Monday that Harris is the suspect they believe fired the fatal shot after a projectile was recovered from Jackson’s head.

She Knew The Perpetrators
The young mother’s ordeal began when she arrived at Pope’s home on McMillon Avenue on Saturday night with several of the suspects, all of whom she knew, Birmingham homicide Det. Mark Green testified at Monday’s hearing.

How She Was Kidnapped
The abduction began at the property and videos taken by the suspects show Lewis and McCall stomping and spitting on Jackson outside Pope’s home.

Jackson was on the ground, Green testified, while she was repeatedly assaulted by several of the suspects.

At one point, Lewis was straddling Jackson while punching her in the head.

The distressing footage reportedly shows Jackson telling her attackers they ‘had won’ and begging to be let go.

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