In a disturbing scenario, a Nigerian woman was caught red-handed in the act with her biological son.

The incident was brought to attention after the son of the woman, who identified himself as Ricky, opened up about the issue and told one of the social media bloggers identified as Sonia.

According to him, he was tired of dying in silence, and he had to talk about the incident. The boy revealed that he has been struggling with the issue silently, despite even telling the mother the issue was not good, but the mother would always force him.

Ricky noted that the issue of the mother forcing him to sleep with him started some years ago. Further, he revealed that whenever he tried to refuse, he found himself doing it. He noted that the mother was using charms on him and that whenever he was forced, he couldn’t resist.

According to Ricky, whenever he could tell his friends or someone about it, they always ignored him, branding him “mad”.

“I saw I couldn’t continue like this because I was going to kill myself, but I decided to call you (Sonia) to help me expose my mom,” he said.

However, the son was asked to lure the mother into the hotel room. The mother went to the room, where she started forcing the boy to sleep with her, not knowing she had been set up.

“This one we are doing in a nice room like this is going to be sweet, my son. Let’s hurry. Give me some,” as she pushes the son on the bed. The son tried resisting, but the mother kept on insisting.

The woman was so shocked that she screamed loudly after realizing she was
being recorded.

The woman revealed that they have been doing it with her friends whom she declined to mention their names.

The woman also said that she was the biological mother to the boy.

It’s indeed , devastating news to see mothers do this with their biological children.






















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