Former Nigeria Head of State,Ibrahim Babangida has debunked the speculations by a Nigerian Media Guru and Presidential candidate of the African Action Party(AAP), Omoyele Sowore that he is the brain behind Peter Obi’s Presidential ambition.

Sowore, while responding to a snapshot of Peter Obi with Babangida and former president ,Olusegun Obasanjo,lambasted Peter Obi for frollicking with alleged past corrupt Nigerian leaders as his supporters; people who have been alleged as the real issues of Nigeria.


Sowore said “Peter Obi relish in the support of Babangida, Obasanjo,Angie Abdullahi, Abdulsalami Abubakar,Gusau and the like.


Notwithstanding, Babangida ,while speaking in Minna last week in an interview granted to CREST CEO Shola Oshunkeye and Steve Nwosu,the Overseeing Director of New Xpress Newspaper ,described Peter Obi ‘as a passionate,youthful Nigerian.


” He is a young fellow,he is energetic about improvement, enthusiastic about our Nigerianess,” Babangida said.


“From that point, we saved contact for quite a while.We converse with each other,etcetera, etcetera.

“So, it is only fair when he decided to be the president or a candidate,he should come and let me know. That’s the essence of the relationship”.

“It’s like don’t do ‘t read it in the papers’,I am going to run’.And whatever advice I have , I will give it to him based on my own experience.Hopefully,that will help him to mobilize all of you,”Babangida said.

While fielding questions from the reporters about whether Babangida,Obasanjo and others are behind Peter Obi’s Presidential ambition?

Babangida said,”I am hearing it now for the first time from you”. Somebody sent what Sowore said. “That Obasanjo,Abdulsalami , Aliyu Gusau,Ango Abdullahi and myself  are promoting Peter Obi.


But Iam glad that the answer you said they gave  Sowore was that he was jealous.”


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