The National  Secretary  of Miyetti Allah , Saleh  Alhassan  on Monday  said   its Union  had commenced  plans to set up  its own  security outfit.



The formation  of an armed Vigilance Force by Fulani  Herders operating  under the aegis  of Miyetti  Allah  Kautal  Hore has been vehemently  criticized   by the  Soutjern Kaduna Peoples Union(SOKAPU)



The National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Saleh Alhassan  on Monday  said the union  had commenced plans  to set up  its own  security outfit.




According to  the Fulani  herder’s union , the creation  of an arme  unit will safeguard  herders across the nation, particularly  in Benue State.



He said, ‘’All these vigilantes  the State  governors  are creating  are not helping  the country. What they  are trying to  show is  that there is  a lack  of confidence in the authority  of the State to maintain  law and order, so  you now begin to  create  ypur own small  army.



‘’If the Fulanis decide , they will  create  their vigilantes, which our  organization have started  working on.  Do you  know how many  millions we will have? It is not thousands, and  we  have them  in millions. Will that  go well  for  the country?’’

‘’When you have non-State  Actors carrying  arms , all the volunteers Governor(Samuel)  Ortom  ha recruited, who profiled them? Who  knows their real  background ?  Some may  be hardened  criminals. You come and dress them in Khaki uniforms and begin  to hand over  weapons to them, that they are  the ones  to secure  the State.’’




Howver,  the SOKAPU, in a statement  released by  its Spokesperson, Luka  Binniyat  on Thursday  and made available  to Sahara  Reporters , contended  that the decision  by the herders’ union  to bear arms  was  a call  for anachy  and another civil war in the country .



The union further urged Nigerians who care about  the country’s survival  as a corporate  entity  to be alarmed by the unwelcomed  news that Miyetti Allah  Kautal Hore, a significant  sociocultural  Fulani organisatio, is creating  its own   armed group.




The statement reads,’’ The Secretary General  of the group, Saleh Hassan , made  the grim disclosure  four days ago  in an interview  he granted  the International  Centre  for Investigative  Reporting (icir)




‘’Hassan  made unsavoury  and disrespectful  remarks on Governor  Samuel Ortom  of Benue  State and disparaged  him for  froming  the Benue State Community  Volunteer  Guards.



‘’He Voeed  that his group  was floating  its own  vigilante group to ‘protect’ its members, boasting  that they  have  the funds  for such  a curious project.’’

‘’Hassan ought  to have been called  for questioning  to find out the real motive behind  such an unwarranted  plan and  to ascertain  how far  his group has gone  into the scheme. In  fact,  the group pught to have been banned. That is what a serious  country will do’’




‘’The Fulani, even  as a large ethnic group , do not  have an exclusive  state  in almost  all the States of Nigeria  and are currently  not natives  of Benue  State  or anywhere in  the Middle Belt.





‘’Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore is not a government and therefore  cannot make  laws that rival  that of  a government that hosts its members!’’


‘’It is therefore  absurd  as it is preposterous  for Hassan  to assume  that his group  can stay  on  Benue lands and indeed  in other States and form  parallel  security outfits with that of  of their hosts’ governments. Such arrogance  is rate to come by.


‘’With over 200 Southern Kaduna Communities  sacked  and displaced by armed herdsmen  and allied  criminals  after hundreds were killed  and more wounded, the sight of  an armed  Fulani Vigilante Force  on our soil  will  be a very  provocative act  that will push other tribes to form  the same.’’




This group apparently  cares less of the sensitivity  of other tribal groups. For the avoidance  of doubt, Governor  Samuel Ortom  is the elected  Executive  Governor of Benue State. By the constitution  of Nigeria, he is the Chief Security Officer of Benue State. He is saddled with  the most important  reason why a government  exists: Protection of  lives and  property of all residents.’’


‘’SOKAPU believes  that all the laws  enacted  by the Benue  State House of  Assembly and assected to by the governor , protect  all residents of Benue State , irrespective  of tribe, religion  or vocation. We also  believe that Benue  State laws do not discriminate  against tribes or religion. Only  breakers of the laws  have reasons to fear.’’


‘’Any attempt therefore , to allow the Fulanmi  to form , arm,  kit and operate  an armed wing  so brazenly, is to  also approve  other ehnic  groups to do  same. In other words, SOKAPU is saying that a civil war  may spark off  if Fulani  and othe ethnic  groups obtain  arms for the exclusive  reason  of protecting  themselves as groups  under various independent  Commands.’’


‘’President Muhammadu Buhari  must not take  thos lightly, even though  he is fond of  glossing over  serious matters  of security concerns.’’



‘’For the avoidance of doubt, SOKAPU  condemns the  formation  of Fulani  Vigilante Force.



‘’In fact , the Fulani  have been accused  of horrific  crimes in many  communities  in Nigeria, given  the truth  that not  all Fulani  are outlaws.’’



‘’It is  for  the pervasive bloody  crimes that criminal  elements of Fulani  have been  accused of that  spurred  some State governments to create  their own  Vigilante outfits.’’



‘’No  State government  must allow any tribal group  to form its own  Vigilante group . It is a direct  line to  insurgency  and separatism’’.



‘’At this point , SOKAPU wishes to  hail  the governor of Zamfara  State , Bello  Matawalle for forming a volunteer  service which  he will train  and armed under  the supervision  of the Nigeria Police.’’



‘’SOKAPU  believes  that all residents of Zamfara tate , especially  herders and farmers in rural  communities  of the State will soon enjoy  robust  security  and pursue  their livelihood  withot worry.’’



‘’This is what  is expected  of a responsive  and responsible leader’’.



‘’Unfortunately, Governor  Nasir el Rufai continues  to be  only vocal  against the armed  herdsmen  and bandits  ravaging  his tate  and has refused to do  the needy like hi counterparts mentioned  in the statement’’.




‘’Finally, we encourage other governors of  Middle Belt and the North  to copy  Governor Ortom and  Matawalle  in their drive to secure their States’’