Text: Psalm 121:1-6

Very quickly, two words require definition: ‘help’ and ‘unusual’.
– to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need.
– To contribute strength to someone to accomplish a particular task.
– To render assistance to.
– To effectively with.
– To save.
– To make something easier or less difficult.
– To relieve somebody who is in need of help.
– To give aid to someone.
– To be of service to.
– To ease, to comfort, to guide, to maintain, to support, to sustain, to benefit.

So this four-letter word looks small but is very big. You may need help and not even know that you need help. But whoever you are on the surface of the earth, you will need divine help. “Psalms 121:1 (KJV) says: I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.”

Unusual means:
– Abnormal.
– Strange.
– Amazing.
– Astonishing.
– Awesome.
– Exceptional.
– Out of the ordinary.
– Inconceivable.
– Phenomenal.
– Rare.
– Surprising.
– Uncommon.
– Unconventional.
– Unfamiliar.
– Unique.
– Unexpected.

In life, there are some helps that come from the usual, the normal, the expected, the constant, and the regular. But a number of people have been frustrated, depressed, disappointed, and disillusioned when they focused their attention on a particular way that help should come and it did not come from there. Many were jilted. Some relied on someone who pulled out at the last minute. Sometimes you expect help from some people, and all of a sudden, at the last minute, there is this unexplainable dragging of feet and lack of cooperation.

Sometimes you expect help to come from a particular quarter, but all of a sudden, there is this unexplainable transfer of aggression from them to you. Sometimes, someone can just wake up in the morning and back out of an agreement you had before. This kind of disappointment has led many to have many medical and mental problems because they were terribly disappointed. Helpers’ failure has frustrated so many. Hear me and hear me very well this morning before we begin to pray: Man is still man, no matter how you describe him.

No wonder the word of God says “Woe unto him who putteth his trust in man whose breath is in his nostrils”, Somebody that God can say, “Stop breathing now!” and he is gone, and that is where you put your hope.

That sends me back to that old traditional song we were taught when we just got born again in the Scripture Union that says:
Jesus never fails.
Jesus never fails.
Men of the world may let you down.
But Jesus never fails.
Your husband may let you down.
Your pastor may let you down,
Your president may let you down,
But Jesus never fails.

That is the chronic truth. The only person who can never fail or let you down is the Lord Jesus Christ. As far as you are born again and, by the grace of God, are living your life the way God wants you to, you cannot sink. No human being can make you sink. Not only that, you cannot and should not be stranded. A child of God is never helpless. A decree had gone out that all Jews were to be destroyed, and what they were waiting for was the day to carry out the decree.

Somebody needed to make a presentation to the king. Nobody could do it. The only person the Jews could use was Esther. So Mordecai came to Esther and said “Go to the King and appeal for your people”. Esther said, “Mordecai, you are my uncle. But you know the rules. Nobody here goes to the king without being invited. Even as a queen, if you are not invited to come into his Chambers and you go, the punishment is that your head will be cut off”. When Esther said that, Mordecai said, “Do you know that it may be because of a time like this that God put you there?”

“Esther, look, if you decide not to help at this hour, help will come from another location”. I think that statement sank into Esther, and she made up her mind with “if I perish, I perish”. And she did not perish.

🔥 I pray that every power that wants to make you stranded in life, that wants to glue you to an evil bus stop, should be scattered now! in the name of Jesus.

Listen to me very carefully: as a child of God, if you look to the East and there is no help, help will come from the West. If you look to the North and there is no help, help will come from the South. If you look to the surface of the earth and there is no help, help will come from above. Shout hallelujah!

Help from unusual quarters:
– originates when God moves suddenly into your situation.
– Originates when God moves in to effect a change that is impossible to man.
– comes when God moves in a way that has no scientific explanation.
– will come when God begins to demonstrate His sovereign power purely on His mercy agenda.
– comes when God all of a sudden sends you unexpected messengers from heaven.
– comes loaded with miracles that come when you have given up.
– come when God moves in your life beyond human expectation.
– comes when the Lord suddenly arises for your sake and begins to destroy the enemies.
– comes when God comes from unexpected places at an unexpected time to help you.
– comes when God comes through the back door but you are busy searching for Him at the front door. You have focused your attention on man. You have focused your attention on the comments of the experts. You are relying on what the consultant has said, and not on what the Holy Spirit has said. With due respect to anyone in any field, no human being has any last say on your life.

🔥 That is why I know that whether the devil likes it or not, God will not come late to your situation! And divine intervention is coming your way! in the name of Jesus.

🔥 The Lord shall address the source of your tears, and any good thing the enemy has killed in any life, shall come alive again! in the name of Jesus.
===> Whether it is convenient for the enemy or not, you shall rise again! You shall shine again! in the name of Jesus.

Help from unexpected quarters:
– Begins to happen when you get into a situation and no one wants to help you.
– will come when those who want to help you have tried but failed.
– will come when it is now beyond human ability to help you. Who could have helped Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? Nobody. Who could have helped David before Goliath? Nobody. Who could have delivered Daniel from the lions’ den? Nobody. Who could have delivered that man, who had been at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years? Nobody, apart from Jesus.

The Lord is a help in every situation. The Lord is a dependable help. The Lord has a proven track record of helping people. The Lord knows how to help His people. The Lord has multiple ways of doing the same miracle. In the principles of divine assistance, the first principle is what is written in the book of psalms, which says “Call upon me in the day of trouble, and I will deliver you, and you will glorify my name”.

The first key to the principles of divine assistance is:
– To call upon the name of the Lord. There is a call, and there is a call. You must understand which call to make. Let me just share this testimony with you before we start praying. Many of you must have heard me share it.

When I arrived in England for my PhD, they had this practice of inviting those who were there before us to welcome us at a welcoming party. So we had this welcoming party, and they welcomed us. One man came to welcome me, and I welcomed him. I said, “Mr. Man, thank you for welcoming me. Surrender your life to Jesus”. He laughed and said, “Do not worry; it has not started to be cold yet. When it starts getting cold, let us see whether you will be preaching about it on the streets.” That was the last time I saw him.

The next time I would hear from him, I got a letter from the prison. The letterhead said” His Majesty’s prison”. To be quite honest with you, I was scared. So I looked at the letter. It was from the same man who came to welcome me. He said, “Dear Daniel, I wish I had listened to you that day when you asked me to surrender my life to Jesus. What has happened now would not have happened to me. I am in prison now, and please come and visit me. I have surrendered my life to Jesus in prison. When you are coming, bring a few things for me.”

Of course, I did not want to go because of fear that I might arrive there and be accused of being a part of them. But the Holy Spirit said, “Go.”. So I went. When he saw me, he knelt down and cried. He said, “I wish I had listened to you. I am now born again here, and I am preaching to the prisoners. But the more I preach about Jesus, the more they laugh at me and say, “You know about Jesus, and you end up here?” He was very sad. I left there very sad because I saw plenty of Nigerians in the prison. I used to think it was young people who were arrested for offences, but I saw grey-haired men there.

I prayed with him and said, “The offence you committed, which had to do with bank cards, did you do it?” He said “Yes, I did”. I said, “Get on your knees and ask the Lord to forgive you. Then we take your case to the higher court”. Then we prayed again and continued praying. The day of judgement came. The Christians were at the back, interceding for him in court, while the case was going on at the front. That day, it was as if the judge woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The first Nigerian to come got seven years in prison. The second one got ten years, and what they did was not as bad as what our friend did.

Then the case of our friend came up. When he stood there, the judge looked at him, removed his glasses, put them down, and said, “You, I understand you took a first class in Estate Management.” He said “Yes, my lord”. The judge said again “I understand you had a master’s degree in Estate Management”. He replied “Yes, my lord”. The judge then said, “If you had a first-class and master’s degree in Estate Management, and you could commit this kind of offence, then there is just one problem you have. Your problem is that you are a madman. And since I can see that you are already mad, I set you free. You can go”.

We knew that he was not mad. What happened to him was help from unusual quarters.

🔥 I pray that even the enemies that are rising up against you will be your promotion! in the name of Jesus.

[Before Message]
1. Curses issued on me while I was in the womb, break! in the name of Jesus.

[After Message.]
1. O God, arise and increase my joy! in the name of Jesus.
2. I provoke my heavens to open! in the name of Jesus.
3. My Father, I need help; help me! in the name of Jesus.

God bless you🙏

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