*Anchored Scripture: Isaiah 52:3.*

*Ministering: Dr. Daniel Olukoya (G.O. MFM Worldwide)*

Walk up to three people and shout: My life is not for sale, by the power in the blood of Jesus!

Last week, we began to look at scripture to lay the proper background for a meeting like this. We read Ezekiel 13, where we saw the souls of men being killed. We also read Revelation 18, where we saw merchants of the earth and the kinds of things they sell.

There are merchants in the spiritual realm that your eyes cannot see. Just as trading and business go on in the physical world, they go on in the spiritual realm too. The only thing is that you cannot see them.

And so many people think such things do not exist. Many even think that they are superstitious. I honestly wish that they were superstitious. The fact that you have not faced such battles does not mean that they do not exist. The fact that maybe God has used the prayers of your parents to save you does not mean that they do not exist.

It is foolish to believe that it is only what you can think about that exists. The book of Isaiah 52 makes it quite clear that you can sell yourself. A lot of people have sold themselves, and the enemy has bought so many people, but the book of Isaiah gives us hope. If this is your first time listening to the “My life is not for sale”, message, I recommend that you buy the tape from last week.

Isaiah 52:3 (KJV): “For thus saith the LORD, Ye have sold yourselves for nought; and ye shall be redeemed without money.”

That is the promise of the scriptures. So a lot of people have been sold off for nothing. But today, you shall be redeemed without money.

We discussed last week that there is a massive amount of spiritual transactions taking place at every minute and that there are merchants of darkness around us who trade in strange articles. There are spiritual markets with very heavy transactions going on in three strongholds. As I speak, they are going on.

You may be sitting down here now, but in one of these three strongholds, some people are already bargaining over how much you will be bought or sold for.
– the first stronghold is the Heavenlies. The Bible says that there is spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies.
– the second place is the Earth here. The Bible says that the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty. It is cruelty they are practising here.
– the third stronghold is the sea.

There are spiritual markets in the strongholds going on every day, and there are terrible markets in the spirit realm selling off things like the souls of men, virtues, talents, birthright, promotion, and progress. They sell them off. And like I said last week, many human beings who are the enemies of light patronise these marketplaces.

Bottom line: A man can sell himself consciously or unconsciously; a man can be forced, like a slave, to be a commodity. That is why we took an altar call last week for those who see themselves serving as house help in the dream; they could have been sold, and they do not know.

What a tragedy to be a caterer to people in the spirit realm that you do not know. What a tragedy to be washing clothes for people in the spirit realm that you do not know.

Some people are forced to be commodities to be sold in the spirit realm, just like slaves are captured and sold off.

Some people have become material in these evil markets without their knowledge. And that is why the passages we read last week are very deep.

*===> I am praying for somebody here; any power assigned to trade with your soul shall be frustrated! in the name of Jesus.*

*===> If your name or the name of any of your family members is on a stall in the marketplace of darkness, recover your name! in the name of Jesus.*

So, this marketplace is the stronghold of the group of spirits called soul traders, soul hunters, or soul assassins. And so, if you want to challenge them, their marketplace is the place to go.

They tied the pregnancy of one woman there for 4 years. Sometimes the scan would show, and sometimes it would not. The woman was brought for prayers. Immediately after we started praying, I discovered that she had been tied down there in the spirit realm, and they were feeding her grass. So how would she deliver this baby now when the food she was eating was grass?

So we had to command all the caterers of darkness to stop feeding her and that those who tied her down should release her. Those two prayers were all we needed to pray. If we stood there and were praying “Deliver your baby like the Hebrew women”, nothing would happen because that was not the problem. We call those ones “Misfired Prayer Points.” The prayers we prayed for were specific. She fell into labour straightaway.

*===> I am praying for anyone here or watching me: if you have been tied down unconsciously in the spirit realm, be released now! In the name of Jesus.*

If you would like to confront these merchants of darkness, the only arena for useful confrontation is their marketplace. When a person’s soul is on sale, there will always be a wicked master behind the trauma and shame of the person.

In most places, there are wicked human intermediary agents of these invisible devils. There are men who contact them, and these are strange things that happen in our world. There are evil masters behind most problems that people face who profit from other people’s problems, and so they circulate them from native doctor to native doctor, herbalist to herbalist, prophet to prophet, and from shrine to shrine.

Before they arrive at the next place, they will send a message there saying, “We are sending meat for you to eat.” So they are profiting from the person’s problem.

I have met a woman seeking the fruit of the womb. She said she had carried a total of 42 sacrifices and that in some places they asked her to walk backwards, yet there was no solution. Because they are merchants of darkness, just making money with her problems. She would go to a prophet, and the prophet would ask for money. She would go to a native doctor, and they would ask for money. They were just taking her money. She was making money, and they were taking it.

We place the blame for some of the wrongdoings committed by people whose souls are for sale on them. We do not know that they are not really responsible, although the fact is that it is the spirit controlling them that is responsible, while the evil masters are growing fat on the problems of other people.

There are plenty of cleverly concealed agents, evil masters, unfriendly friends, and enemies with masks that are in charge of so many people’s situations. This is a very serious situation, and I want you to understand this very well.

They brought in a man with a Master’s in Geology. All he does is sleep. So he could not keep any job; he could not be employed. If he sat down, in 5 minutes he would be asleep. If you ask him to work, in 5 minutes, he has slept off. When they brought him, we asked questions. “Were you born like this?” He said “No”. “When did this thing start?” He said “When I finished my master’s degree”. “Was there anything you did at that time that allowed you to have this problem?” He said, “Sir, ask my wife to go out.” I said, “Madam, excuse us”. Then he said, “Sir, I do not know what came over me that night. There is a mad woman on our street that everyone knows.”

He said that at midnight, he came out of his house and went to sleep with that mad woman. He said that since that day, the problem has started. What forces would push a man with a master’s degree outside his house at night, having his wife in his house, to a mad woman in the street? It is those who want his soul. That was how he traded his soul, and the problem started in earnest.

*===> I am praying for someone here today: Every enemy hiding to attack you, the fire of God shall expel them, in the name of Jesus.*

*===> Every mask that is on the face of your enemies, the god of Elijah shall tear off the mask in the name of Jesus!*

You see, there are many masks of unfriendly friends with unfriendly smiles who will give you deceptive small change. They throw small change at you as if you are a beggar. They behave as if they care about you, whereas they are the ones attacking you. They have close relationships and penetrate as unsuspecting enemies.

I’m praying for somebody here today that the power of God will arise and destroy their masks! In the name of Jesus.

*===> And if you are here and they just want to be using your troubles to make them fat, those evil trade masters shall be disgraced tonight! In the name of Jesus.*

The poverty of some people can be due to the satanic diversion of their wealth because that wealth is an entity. Peace is an entity, and they may trade it off. We have many places where tenants in some houses are slaves; the landlord is buying cars, having children, and doing other things, but all the tenants are going down. It is a very serious matter.

There are situations where graduates are being fed by the illiterate son of their father’s wife. There are several situations like that, and I know of one.

There are two wives like that. There is one wife who has four daughters and one son, and all of them got married. The other wife has three daughters, and all are not married. They had taken from one and sold to the other. Evil transfer.

*===> I pray that any market of darkness troubling your life shall catch fire! In the name of Jesus.*

*===> Every satanic industry of enchantment and sorcery troubling anyone here, expire! In the name of Jesus.*

*Can you raise your right hand and shout this louder than anyone around you: Every power sponsoring my problems, die! In the name of Jesus.*

The human soul is a priceless treasure. The Bible says, “With what can a man make an exchange for his soul?” There is no price. And this priceless thing is what soul traders hunt for.

If your soul has been traded, do not be surprised if you are suffering from:
– noisy ears.
– seizures.
– epilepsy that you were not born with; you just started to experience it.
– blinding headaches.
– expectations are always being cut off.
– lifelessness. The body just gets sluggish, as if there are 2 or 3 bodies in one body. That is why sometimes after prayer, some will say, “I am feeling light,” and that is because something left them.
– virtue transfer
– loss of important things unexplainably.
– multiplication of yokes.
– closing of good roads when something good is coming.
– the person sleeps at night and wakes up feeling used and battered as if they were beaten in the dream.
– sleeping and discussing with unknown people in the dream, and people around you can hear you.

When a soul has been traded:
– the person will be qualified for a high level, but they will be relegated.
– by seeing signs and wonders and the miracle power of God, they will still refuse to surrender to Jesus. Such people come to church, but there is no stirring of the soul.

Listen, beloveth, if in your dream you keep seeing sluggish animals like snails or tortoises, it is evidence of soul trading.

Are you here, and you are finding it so difficult to detach yourself from a former boyfriend even though you are now married to someone else? It is evidence of soul trading.

Are you here, and concentration is very difficult?
Or you keep seeing somebody in your dream who looks like your twin brother, but he does not exist physically?

Those are symptoms that you are being traded and you cannot afford to keep quiet, and this is why we are having this kind of meeting, simply because the enemy ensures that some people do not dream. And it is not that they do not dream. Everyone dreams, but what the enemy does is erase the dream from memory. That dream, which is your spiritual monitor, has been cleverly removed so that you will not start fighting back because if you see that something has been stolen from you, you will fight back.

There are people here tonight or listening to me, and the market in the sea supervised by marine powers is where their lives, wedding garments, and promotions are, and they are selling them there.

Most of what people put on as jewellery to look beautiful is made of materials from that place. The initiative, productivity, and discovery are all from the marine world, so when you get to that market, they sell things like beads, earrings, nose rings, ear attachments, weavons, bangles, lipsticks, seductive materials and charms, and makeup sets, and people buy them, bring them back to our world, and sell them off to foolish people, thereby transferring virtues.

Your head is the symbol of your destiny, and you have to be careful of what you put on it. All different kinds of hairstyles are sold there.

With a simple marine hairstyle, you might have bought yourself a diarrhoea problem or an anger problem, and there are various kinds of buyers there, like native doctors and witchcraft people, and they all use wicked materials there to pollute and trouble mankind.

There is another marketplace: the grave. In all cemeteries, there is a market going on. In the night, all kinds of people are there to buy. You will not see them. Nobody likes to go into the cemetery at night, but some people go there, and trouble happens to them.

Remember what I told you years ago about a man who came here for deliverance? He had gone with a woman somewhere in Surulere, Lagos. He just picked up the woman from a party and followed her home, and they started fornicating.

All of a sudden, around 1 a.m., there was a powerful knock on the door, and the knocking was terrible and aggressive. So the man asked who was knocking, and the woman said “My husband”. He said, “Your husband? But you said you were not married. If I knew, I would not come here”. She said, “You can see he is a very wicked man. Look at how he is knocking on the door”.

He asked, “So what can I do now?” She said, “The only way out is to jump out of the building.” And so he decided to jump out through the window, which was on the second floor of the building.

Immediately after his legs touched the ground, he found himself in the cemetery, no longer in Surulere. He was scared. So he was using the moonlight to track his way to the gate of the cemetery to go home. When the gatekeepers of the cemetery saw somebody coming, and since they themselves are not ordinary beings, they said, “Ah! A ghost is coming.”

So they ran back into their security post and brought out their incantations to shout at him to go back. People like you are from another realm. You cannot mix with us. Go back!” But he said, “Ah, I am not dead. I am a human being.” They asked him how he got there. He then explained his story to them. They shook their heads and said, “Young man, go and look after yourself because you are the third person this week that jumped out of a woman’s building into the cemetery.

It took that man three years of deliverance to recover himself. The graveyard market is a strange place, and this is where they destroy human lives. There is also the desert marketplace where all kinds of things are sold. The implications of these evil markets are these:
– they truncate the destinies of men.
– they destroy their lives.

Tonight, there are prayers to pray. Prayers for the termination of evil contracts. You may not know that you have entered into a contract. You may just say “Oh, but I slept with the person just one time”, but it is enough. You have signed a contract, which you need to break if your life must move forward.


1. Powers assigned to sell my soul, you are liars, die! In the name of Jesus.
2. Markets of darkness assigned against me, catch fire! In the name of Jesus.
3. Any good thing sold off in my life, I recover you by fire! In the name of Jesus.
4. Blood of Jesus, arise in violence! Buy me back! In the name of Jesus.
(a sevenfold amen!).
5. My glory, tied down in the market of darkness, come out now! In the name of Jesus.
6. Wicked laughter against my destiny, backfire! In the name of Jesus.
7. Shout ‘the blood of Jesus’ 7 times and shout ‘My life is not for sale’ 7 times!


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