Canada announced the launch of its new digital nomad visa. VIDEO131 Shutterstock Canada will soon be added to the list of nations that allow digital nomads to conduct their business remotely within their borders.

A new digital nomad visa has been unveiled by Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Sean Fraser.

The new plan contains provisions that enable remote workers to stay in Canada for extended periods.

During the Collision Conference in Toronto, the Minister unveiled a groundbreaking proposal that would allow foreign nationals to obtain a digital nomad visa, granting them the opportunity to engage in remote work for international companies or clients within the borders of Canada.

This exciting development, as reported by CTV News, has the potential to revolutionize the way individuals from abroad can contribute to the Canadian workforce.

“If digital nomads receive a job offer while in Canada, we will allow them to continue working in the country,” Fraser said in a release.

Foreign p nationals offered employment can take advantage of a program that smoothes the way from a work visa to a work permit.

According to Fraser, there won’t be a government-imposed cap on the number of participants in this program; rather, it will depend on demand.

The initiative aims to draw the world’s top thinkers and encourage them to settle in Canada.

Travel Noire reports that a tech worker employed by an overseas organization could travel to Canada and carry on working for that company, as long as they adhere to the plan for digital nomads.

The plan also includes a unique path for citizens who work in STEM fields as employers or employees.

Additionally, the government wants to improve the five-year-old global skilled strategy, which experienced processing interruptions.

Recent changes aim to speed up business access to the talent they need by cutting the processing time for work permits to two weeks.

Canada intends to increase its annual quota of visa slots from 1,000 to 3,500, as Frase previously indicated.

Entrepreneurs will have a route to permanent residence by establishing businesses that hire Canadians.

Anyone who works as a freelancer, vlogger, blogger, or other remote job is eligible to apply for Canada’s digital nomad visa.

According to Fraser’s plans, those already in line will be given open work permits, allowing them and their families to stay in Canada for up to three years while their applications are being processed.

Starting July 16, a new stream will permit 10,000 American citizens with H-1B visas to work in Canada.

Fraser pointed out that nearly 400,000 people are currently on H-1B visas in the US.

This is your chance to spend some time at the office while living out your wildest Rocky Mountain or urban workplace fantasies in places like Montreal, Vancouver, or Toronto, notes TimeOut.

The Canadian government has published additional information on its website about its plans for digital nomads.

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