Baby-faced teenage gangster jailed for 50 years after shooting 5-year-old girl in neck and smearing faeces on wall

A baby-faced criminal who shot a five-year-old girl in the neck, smeared faeces on his cell wall and tried to escape prison has been jailed for 50 years.

Noah Ney, 16, shot the little girl in April last year so he can be initiated into the Hoover Crips gang which terrorises the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

The girl was playing inside her home when he drove by in a stolen car and fired at her, hitting her in the neck and shoulder.

‘The five-year-old was transported to hospital by EMSA because of the severity of her injuries and a difference of an inch or two in the penetrating gunshot wounds to the child could have resulted in her death.,’ Attorney Morgan Medders said.

Ney, who is just 4 ft 9 inches, then scaled the fence of Tulsa County Juvenile Justice Center as he was awaiting sentencing.

He was found and re-arrested three days later, Newson6 reports.

He already had a criminal record stretching back to his middle school years.

The court also heard how both of Ney’s parents also have criminal records, and his father has been in and out of prison.

His mother admitted Ney showed cruelty towards people and animals, but she blamed herself for his vile behaviour.

Ney’s aunt also told the court he had been neglected his whole life.

‘A neighbor testified to Noah causing havoc in the neighborhood by wearing gang colors and carrying guns and knives, and often pulling them on neighbors while threatening them,’ Medders said.

‘While several extended family members appeared at the certification hearing, those same people have been available to Noah throughout his extensive juvenile history and that did not appear to make a difference.’

Ney also refused any treatment plans while awaiting sentencing, by ‘escaping or assaulting staff that were there to help him’.


Ney had admitted 12 counts involving firearms, drugs, gangs, theft and assault and has now been imprisoned.

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