Once in a while  accident do happen  in man/woman  affair, even when  full precautions are taken. The manufacturers of these contraceptives  never  guarantee one hundred percent efficacy.


At times, slips do occur on the part of the user. ‘’Accident’’ happens  by  chance and not by design but in relationships,  some of these accidental pregnancies are designed  by the woman  concerned  through Defying  the precautionary  steps necessary  in the use of some contraceptives.


When accidents like these happen ,  it only depends solely on the people involved  to make up  their minds  whether  to keep it  or not.



In some cases , the accidents  are designed , to make the man  take his ‘’decision’’. An  ‘’accident’’ may be  needed  to help him  make  up his mind  .







Most men  that fall prey  to these   kind of accidents are the not serious  type or the ‘’Cassanova’’ group.


But , when  women  trap their spouses  with this type of  ‘’accidental   pregnancy’’, they  always end  up blaming  themselves because  the man may not forget  or forgive this  kind of trap  and so  may make  the woman regret   her  action  by victimizing her  whether physically  or emotionally ; some will just  refuse to swallow the ‘bait’ by claiming  the kid  and disclaiming  the mother.


Jide was a  fresh graduate  of a  University. He  has just finished  his  Youth Service  Corps. He is young and full of life. One of his girlfriends was the very quiet  and tolerant type . She takes every insult  Jide gives out  in the process of trying to frustrate  her out of his life.



She never complain of  his escapades, she was  not to talk when  she meets  other girlfriends  of his , even  when the other  is given  preferential treatment.



Jide never  showed her the needed love or affection but still  tagged along,  somehow, she got pregnant ’’accidentally’’ and decided to give it  some time before informing  Jide. When she informed him, he was mad  and advised her  to abort the pregnancy  but she refused, claiming she could take care of  herself   and the unborn baby.




She later went to the parents of the guy to inform them  about  the pregnancy. The parents gave her their support,   despite ,  Jide  stood his ground  because he had somebody else  he would like to marry.




The lady had the baby at last. After about a year , Jide got engaged  to another damsel.  Bola never complained, she would come once a while  with the baby  to Jide’s  place. Later, Jide was to travel abroad  with his fiancée



The girl was the first  to travel out of the country while Jide was to  follow later because  he had a job at hand  and other arrangements to make before  leaving the country.

Bola accidentally got pregnant again. This  time only God  knows how the accident  happened , although Jide would tell anybody  that wishes to listen  and swear  that ‘’remote  control’’ was  at work  through the N.R.C.(African talisman).


Bola had the second kid and that alone disrupted  his planned  trip. She knew just when  to strike. Jide was forced   to live  with the mother  of his kids, though  he refused  to marry  her in  the proper way. And this  does not  stop  him from living  like a bachelor .



He keeps his  chains  of girlfriends and brings  girlfriends  to sleep at home. If Bola was not  satisfied , she may as well  vacate his life.


Bola is definitely  not happy in the house. But she took things calmly. She  humbled herself and vacated the room when his girlfriends came  calling  despite her academic qualification of National  Certificate of Education(N.C.E.)Certificate.


And because  the lady was well  paid , Jide  would go  to the extent  of telling  her lies to collect her salary  but would  maintain at other times  that when  he’s ready  for marriage  she would  have  to go. Is this a  good ‘’Price’’  for accidental  pregnancy?


In another  scenario, Kemi  got pregnant  by ‘’accident’’ for her Sugar Daddy in a bid to extort money  from the ‘’money bag’’.  She informed him that she needed money for an abortion  because she was  still a student. This  was a good news to the old man , in view of the fact  that none of his  wives  has ever  been pregnant for him.



It looks like  Kemi  was going to make him  a father for the first time . But , the man’s response shocked Kemi. The old man wanted  the pregnancy  kept  and promised  Kemi every goody if  only she would  have the baby.


Kemi insisted  on terminating the pregnancy. The Sugar-Daddy  secured  a court injunction restraining Kemi   not to terminate  the pregnancy.


So , she was going to become  the fourth wife to a  ‘Sugar Daddy’?  She didn’t like it a bit, but she  has been cornered. She was to  endure  this for the rest of her life  with the old man.



Though , there  was money  to throw  around, but  then, she’s   not enjoying her position as the fourth wife, she would have  loved to be married  to the man  of her choice  but for the ‘’accidental pregnancy’’.


Mama Deji  was  forty-eight years  of age when  she got pregnant accidentally though for her husband. At that age she was ashamed   of carrying  the pregnancy and afraid of going for D&C; she had to endure  the nine months though has  six grown up ‘’men kids’’ already .


The older  kids are not spared  the embarrassment  as people and friends  taunt them  with their mum’s pregnancy. At last,  she had the baby and the baby was named ‘ Ifekiitan’ People around  call him ‘’mistake’’. The mother  herself would  tell everybody  that it was just once  that resulted  in ‘’Mistake’’ being born, the belief  was  that  ‘’Mistake’’  has a mission  to accomplish  in life  but is  this  not another   price of accidental pregnancy?



Some ladies were interviewed  whether  they can trap  or help  their spouse  to make up his mind by getting pregnant . Here are their responses;


Titi, a student  in a higher institution   says, ‘’I will never  contemplate  of trapping a man with a pregnancy because  I  will  not feel  too well in the  relationship and so will  not think of it. Let the  man love me  enough to ask  for my hand in marriage. I   want to  enjoy  my husband’s full support  in starting a family.’’




Dunni, another female ,  has this to say,’’  a woman that traps  a man with pregnancy  is not  confident  of herself  and is not sure of  herself  , so, she is suffering from an inferiority complex.  I  will  not do it  for anything  no matter  how much  I love the man. ‘’He’s supposed to propose  and not the  other way round’’ she opined.





For Nkechi  she does not see anything bad  in ‘’helping ‘’ a man make up his mind if he’s too  slow or indecisive ; ’’ I  would  have to help him  if I’m ready  to have a baby  and nothing  would  make me  go back  on my decision so far   I  have   the support of  the man’s parents  I do not care  about how the man feels  so far I  achieve  my  aim of marrying    my dream  man. ‘’If I don’t do it  somebody  else will ‘’,she says.



By:  Bosede Ojo















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