After a rigorous 21-day fast and prayer, Pastor Victor Great, the head pastor of Zion Ark of Covenant Int’l Bible Church Inc, Delta State, found himself unable to walk.

In a video shared on the Church’s Facebook page, the pastor, clad in a pristine white suit, was tenderly carried from his car to the altar by his devoted protocol officers.

There, he was gently placed on the ground, surrounded by his congregation, as he delivered prophetic messages that held his followers in rapt attention.

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On August 30, in another video posted on the church’s Facebook page, the pastor announced his intentions to embark on a 21-day fast and prayer to, in his own words, “shut the gates of death.”

He declared, “Where I am going, you will not see me anywhere. I will go to the hiding place and cry to God for my people. The gate is already open where I am going. Do you think it is my will? It is an assignment. I came here to defy the gate of death and declare that there are people you will not take under my watch.”

Pastor Victor reassured his congregation that he would stand as their representative before the gate of death, preventing it from claiming any more of his flock.

He said, “Where I am going, you would not see me anywhere. I will go to the hiding place and cry to God for my people. Where I am going, the gate is already open. Do you think it is my will? It is an assignment. I came here to mock the gate of death, to say to death there are people you will not kill under my eyes”.

The pastor told his congregation that he would represent them before the gate of death, and he would delay the gate of death from swallowing his congregants.

He said, “Do you know how many of you are living today because Yahweh keeps using me as a gate to represent you? Is it not that in your family that people are dying like fowl, your brother died unprepared, your sister died, is it not the same blood? What do you think is keeping you?”

The church said the pastor fasted for 21 days from the 1st to the 21st of September, 2023. Without eating food or fruits, neither has he drank water during this period of dry fasting.

To celebrate this new feat, which the church titled a ‘Season of Immortality’, the congregation, all dressed in white, awaited the arrival of the pastor who had been fasting.

Upon his arrival, the pastor, who was unable to walk, was carried by his wife and associates from the car to the church altar, where he was laid on the floor, where he prophesied to the congregation. They then sang and danced in celebration of the “new season of acclaimed immortality.”

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